Poppy The Huntress

Please let me start this post by saying that my cat is a little dumb. She is more of a lover than a fighter when it comes to hunting prey. Thankfully in her whole six years of existence, she has never bought us home any ‘presents’!

However it seems that, for as much as we treat her like a human baby and however much she acts like a needy/greedy one (all she is interested in is cuddles and food!) Somewhere, deep within her, and hard wired to her DNA, is that killer instinct that all cats have.

Here is Poppy sitting on top of our next door neighbours chicken enclosure. They have four chickens that I am well jel of!

She was preying on a poor bird (a Robin redbreast) that had somehow flown into the enclosure. The poor thing was flying back and forth and obviously a little distressed, so a cat stalking and swearing at it from above, was not what it needed.

Rob went out and got her down from there and bought her inside, she then went straight back out though her cat flap to sit and stalk it from the roof of the enclosure again! Rob fetched her in again and this time locked the cat flap. Then around 10 minutes later, another cat came and sat up on the roof! Luckily by this time next-door had come home from the school run, and set the bird free (and a chicken, which made a run for it from the enclosure!)

Normally Poppy gives the next door neighbours garden and chicken run a wide birth as she is scared of them! Plus they have a dog. But as I say, somewhere inside that moddy-coddled, chubby little body of hers, is a lean mean killing machine….that never quite manages to catch anything – phew!

Its all drama here working from home eh!

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