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Isn’t it sad that Kodak have registered for bankruptcy recently? It got me thinking about what photography means to me. I cannot pretend I am a good photographer by any means – hey just look at the pictures on my blog for evidence! But I have always loved taking pictures and do appreciate other people’s artistry in the field.

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When I was nine I received my very first camera for my birthday. It was a bright yellow rectangle 80’s point and shoot which took 110 cartridge film. How I loved that camera, I received it just before my family went on our first ever holiday abroad to Menorca. I took pictures of a sunset, some piglets that we saw while on a bike ride and the usual family line up posed snaps. I cannot remember the make of the camera but it looked very similar to this one from the same period by Kodak. I remember it did not have a built in flash, instead I had this clear plastic rectangle of 10 odd bulbs which I attached to the top of the camera when needed and blew a bulb each time I took a snap. How I wish I still had that camera to display in my black, white and yellow dining room!

At college I took photography as an A Level. I learnt about the history of the medium, I used a SLR camera for the first time and I developed my own film and photos in a darkroom. This was in the late 90’s just before the digital revolution took off. I loved it!

When I finished college I did not go on to further education, so the camera got tucked away in my wardrobe (I still have it!) and life generally got in the way of me pursuing my interest any further. Although at one point I did have a job in an in-store Kodak franchise photo development lab for Superdrug for a short while.

For the following 5 years or so I am ashamed to admit that when ever I had a holiday or a festival coming up, I would buy a disposable film camera for these events. Eventually I got a cheap point and shoot 8MG Olympus digital camera which I used for another 5 years or so.

I have been wanting to get back into photography for a while, so for my last birthday Rob bought me a Fuji Finepix bridge camera as my old point and shoot digital camera needed upgrading and this camera is half way between a compact camera and a digital SLR. In that it has the same functions as a SLR but you cannot change the lens on it, so it is a good starting point.

I am ashamed to say that since May last year I have been taking pictures with it on auto mode and I still have not read the manual! But 2012 is the year that I want to challenge myself. So I will get around to reading the instructions, and maybe I will dust off my old A Level textbook or do some googling and refresh myself on ISO’s and F-stops etc. This blog is forcing me to take the time and think more about each shot before I take it, plus I have started a photo project on my baby nephew. I want to learn edit in photoshop in time too, but with my IT skills I am not going to run before I can walk!

Food photography is really hard BTW. I have a new respect for it, as it is very hard to make some foods look pretty, plus you want to eat it up before it gets cold! I will try to get better, I promise!

80's alert!

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