Our Second Camping Trip In The Van

After owning and restoring our camper van for nearly three years, the first time we camped in it was at Glastonbury at the end of June.

We are going to another festival next weekend, yey! In the mean time Rob has treated Ernie to a brand new matching orange awning, and we wanted to have a practice assembling it before we go away.

We decided to go somewhere local to camp for just one night. This summer we are all about short getaways, and we have to grab them when we can. Now that I have three jobs, I now work more weekends. Plus I have already booked nearly all of my allocated four weeks paid holiday – boo! So plans to go away for a week (or weeks) exploring the UK will have to wait until next summer.

Rob suggested a campsite near Canterbury, but me being me, I suggested going somewhere with a sea view instead. I like to think that its my way of turning the ordinary into extraordinary and my sense of adventure when I make better suggestions. Rob will tell you its just me being a pain in the arse and ruining plans!

I found this lovely looking campsite near Folkstone after a quick Google search that ticked all the boxes, and we both got our hearts set on going there. Unfortunately it was fully booked, so we booked into a campsite on the Isle of Sheppey instead.

Now anyone who lives in Kent will tell you that Sheppey is a dump and there has been a photo of a pair of webbed feet doing the rounds on Facebook, claiming that the people who live on the island suffer from this terrible infliction.

I cannot claim to have seen any webbed feet during my short visit. But I did see a slightly plump kid who could not have been any more than thirteen years old, with a tattoo on his arm in Leysdown on Sea. Im pretty certain that it was not a temporary one! I also saw more prison tattoos and tattooed knuckles than I wanted to in one day. And that was just on the women.

What the island does have to offer is nice beaches and picturesque countryside. We had a pretty decent time. Its always fun to use the van. We camped near Sheerness in a park area called Barton’s point.

Check out my Instagram account for some blurry snaps with filters over of our night away. Plus I want to share some pictures of the new awning.

First lets show a picture of the old awning. We used this at Glastonbury and it was given to us by a friend who had it given to them by a friend. The reason that it was given away was that it had some holes in it and a couple of broken poles, all repaired by gaffer tape. But it did us proud at Glastonbury, and we decided that we would definitely like to have a drive away awning to use on our future camping excursions.

Now we have invested in the new one, we have found another friend of a friend to pass the slightly broken awning on to BTW! Share the awning love!

I blocked out any identifiable people and plates. I hope you can still see the awning!
I blocked out any identifiable people and plates. I hope you can still see the old awning!

I think Ernie looks a lot smarter with his new matching orange awning and I love the retro shape to it.

Happy camping!
Happy camping!
The door attached to the van
The door inside attached to the van. Mind the mess.

the viewNot a bad view from our spot eh? Shame about the slight problem with the water!

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