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Well I feel its only right that my first proper blog post is a bread related one!  I have just become the proud owner of a pink Wesco bread bin!  I have been hunting for the perfect bread bin for years and have got through a couple of so-so ones.  At the moment I am using this one pictured, but I find it too awkward to reach across the work top and reach into the deep tin to pull out my loaf so I end up plonking my bread on top of it.  I guess I am either just too short or too lazy to use this bread bin!

Out of focus pic of current set up with value scotch pancakes plonked on top!

So the other day I was browsing ebay as you do, when I happened upon a pink Wesco up for auction and promptly made an impulse bid. Which I then started to regret……

After a few days wait with mixed emotions I won my breadboy.   I say mixed emotions as after placing my bid I immediately got buyers or rather bidders remorse, and I started to hope that I would be outbid.  Me and ebay have a love hate relationship – I never seem to win the stuff I really want. I always lose out by 20p at the last minute!  I only manage to win stuff that I bid on without thinking, things that nobody else wants, like broken coffee tables (I will go into that another day!) and other tat which I pay more for *ahem* than its worth!  I guess that is why people call it evilbay.

But I own it now and I paid less than a third of the retail price including postage. Maybe I paid too much for it, but I have the perfect bread bin to go in my (eventually) beautiful retro pink kitchen.  And buying secondhand is better for the environment.  And there is no way I would ever pay £95 for a bread bin not on your nelly!  So its win-win I guess!

My new breadbin, stored in the bedroom with a paint sample on the wall!


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