Our Bedroom Project Part 2 – During

Part one showed you how our bedroom used to look and left you at the point where we had sold our old Ikea furniture, piled most of our clothes, shoes and junk into the spare bedroom and were about to move our brand new (back in 2013) bed into the office.

Here’s how that looked if you are interested! We were camping in the office for around a month while the later part of the work shown in the pictures below was carried out. It was fun at first, then it soon became less fun and felt like we were squating in the office!officeExcuse the mess and bags for life dumped on the bed. This is a very unstyled photo! The cat loved it though. As you can see her six hour naps were undisturbed during the renovations!wardrobesAbove is a little reminder of the old mirrored wardrobes and all the junk we crammed into them, with one door removed.popsSee above – Our cat is a champion sleeper.crack is wackThe crack of doom.I have no styleAbove – All the doors removed. With most of our stuff removed except for some of my bad fashion choices for all the interwebs to see in their full glory!ward 1Almost gone now! We also removed the dodgy spotlights from the ceiling as only one of them was working and decided not to bother reinstalling them. You can see in this photo where Rob had patched the holes up with plaster board.messThe mess from another angle.plaster casterceilingdoorAfter ripping out the wardrobes we could see that the house originally had two built in wardrobes in the main bedroom and one built in cupboard/wardrobe in the second bedroom.

I will say it again – I have beef with people who rip out original features to replace them with horrible DIY replacements. If it aint broke don’t fix it!

Below is a badly cropped partial floor plan taken from Right Move to show what I mean, how the top floor was originally built.bad croppingRather than any original features/handy storage, we just inherited walls that needed a lot of work. Before Rob put up the plasterboard to cover where the middle door would have been, he wrote this little message on the wall below – what a soppy so and so!brandedThen covered it up.wallWe ripped up the old carpet.floorboardsAnd removed the radiator in preparation for the radBelow – A shot of the other side of the room.bedroom beforeNext we had the walls and ceiling plastered.plasterplaster 2plaster 3all whiteUnfortunately our plasterer mixed up his plaster wrong and it started flaking away as you can see in the photo below. So we had to get him back round to repair it. We are still having a few issues with the plastering. Yeah, not great. But shit happens. No biggie. And now is not the time to go in to it.

crackBelow – After the repair. We also fitted brand new skirting boards. We used the same sized wood as the original skirting, in keeping with the house. We had to replace the original as sanding, filling and repairing it would have taken forever and not made much difference to its battered appearance. It would have been cheaper though. Replacing woodwork costs a small fortune! It is a hidden cost on DIY projects – please be warned people!fixedStay tuned for part 3 – the big reveal! Coming soon! (Once I have actually taken the photos that is!)

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  1. I am so looking forward to the big reveal, because I know from your previous room tours that it will be gorgeous. Only problem is, it will give me major house envy AGAIN!

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