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I bought myself a couple of treats this week, a scarf from here and a fake satchel from Primark.

Like any good blogger I love me some Orla Kidston/Cath Kiely and as soon as the collection for Uniqlo was launched on Thursday I ordered me a little something, the brown scarf pictured just above is for my Mum – you got to make the most of the delivery charge! Which was very speedy BTW and arrived on Saturday, I was very pleased with the service.

I was very tempted to order one of the dresses, but I am not a dress wearer by nature. I only get my legs out for weddings, funerals, job interviews and when it is so unbearably hot outside I cannot bear any fabric on my legs! But still, they are very sweet.

I would have ordered all of the scarves if my budget allowed! In the end and with Rob’s help (I am very indecisive) I settled on the famous stem print. Mum chose the brown one and if she and I meet up wearing co-ordinating scarves we may look a little odd. I guess people might look at us funny, but I don’t care, I want people to look so I can think to myself “yeah that’s right bitches – I am wearing Orla Kiely!” Never mind that it cost less than a tenner, and most people do not know who she is in my town, and probably in reality no one will bat an eyelid at us! Its all for my benefit really!!

I liked the hoodies , which have now almost sold out now. But these days I tend to avoid wearing too much pattern or bold colours and I stick to plain boring clothes. I think this is a mix of me both growing weary of fast fashion with its ethics and environmental impact and maybe just getting older and leaving the mad clothes for the youngsters in their late teens/early twenties to wear! I must fight against this hard! Never fear readers, I still prefer H&M and New Look to Next and BHS! Phew!

Finally the satchel was a bargain in Primark at £9. I will never afford a proper leather Cambridge one (or justify spending that much on myself to be honest). I had been thinking of treating myself to fake version on EBay for ages, costing around £20. Then I saw this one the other day and snapped it up at a much better price! Yeah its made from plastic, but I don’t care, it still does the job of carrying all my necessities and looks good slung over my shoulder.

Now go away weird Indian summer/heatwave so I can wear my new scarf, with my DM’s and jeans again then complete the look with my new bag!

BTW I realise I have just undone what I have said about the ethics of fast fashion by shopping in Primark. But I try shop in there mindfully and only buy stuff I know I will get lots of wear out of. The same applies to any shop really.


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