New Oven Part 2

Yep a two parter on ovens! Who new I could be so boring. OK don’t answer that one please!

Well where did I leave of? Oh yes I got up to my current house. Well after making do with the almost broken model that the previous owner left behind for a year or so it finally packed up on me. So we ripped it out, got a plumber around to cap the gas pipes and a week or so later got my Dad around to wire in the cooker on its own circuit/junction thingy.

So we got the cooker that my Nan gave us out of the shed/former loo and dusted the cobwebs off it and ate lots of paninis made with the George Foreman (RIP) in between while we waited for it to be instilled. On the day all went well, Dad had wired it in and sorted a few electrical issues we had. I must mention here that the previous owner also left behind a grotty white extractor fan which gave Rob an electric shock when he first tried to turn it on, when we moved in! I must’nt laugh….

So with the old stuff ripped out and left outside for the grateful old iron man.* Dad went to move the cooker over to connect the last few wires, when the top oven door glass shattered! He lifted it up with the top oven door handle and the safety glass shattered everywhere. Aggh! Please don’t worry – no Dad’s were harmed during the wiring up of my cooker! He felt terrible and offered to buy us a replacement door. When we looked online I realised that my lovely cooker was much older than I thought, like about 15-20 years and the part was no longer available.

So we decided to make do with the cooker using the hob and bottom oven only and get a new one when we were ready to put in our new kitchen.

Well this opened up a can of worms for me, having never bought a cooker before, I did not realise what a minefield it was out there. Freestanding cookers, built in double oven with a separate hob, built in single oven, come to think of it what type of hob? Or a range cooker.

Yes that’s right a range cooker, when I first started browsing online for ideas etc I happened upon this before and after on Design Sponge and got my heart set on one of these babies. Never mind the price £1.5-£2.5K or the fact that due to the size and layout of my kitchen (3x doors in the room) it was never going to happen.

Range cooker porn from Design Sponge

Sadly I admitted defeat then I decided I wanted a Smeg model. Yes I admit I think I was under the influence of Living etc magazine. Jeez they are so photogenic! But budget and practicalities meant no.

More range cooker porn, picture from Living etc

So then I tried to find a free standing cooker I liked. I really tried honestly, but they are just all so pugly! My thinking was that we could take it with us if and when we moved again. These are expensive things I tell you. Rob all the way through my decision making had said he wanted a built in oven, but I wanted the luxury of two ovens and something really energy efficient etc.

Eventually after about 8months (OK a year!) of me trying to make up my mind we decided on this Samsung little number. It is a single oven with a divider so it can be used as a double oven with two separate temperatures running. I mean there is only the two of us and we don’t need an Aga (but I still want a pastel colour one!) And this baby cleans itself, is high tech enough to appeal to the geek in the house (Rob) and does all the fancy cooking functions that I think I need, but will probably never use. Now if only it was silver coloured!

My new oven!

*Ha I almost made it sound quaint and Steptoe like. Seriously in our area we have about 3 tarmac lorries, plus a bloke on his bike go up and down our road per day. There must be some cash in the scrap metal trade. But its a handy service (saves us from going to the tip) and it recycles stuff.

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