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Since we moved I have hardly bought any vintage. I have been very good and even left Pyrex behind! I am trying to operate a “one in one out” policy with any new bits. Because I like all my current stuff, I am not rushing to replace it any time soon.

However there is alway room for a few small bits of tat cute vintage pieces. Here is what I have required in the last 15 months –First up is the seven Babycham glasses which I went to a huge effort to style for this photo in the cupboard! They used to belong to my grandparents, and when my parents moved Mum gave me them to Ebay. I seem to have kept them. Oopsy.Next is this Hornsea tea storage jar. I wanted one to go with my new kitchen colour scheme. I hunted for one in the local charity shops for a while, but then I got impatient and cheated and bought one cheap on Ebay! Next are the two Staffordshire Pottery Kilncraft bowls which I found for £1.50 in an Isle of Wight charity shop. I actually left them behind, but then got the regret big time, so I sent mother back to buy them much to Rob’s dismay! He hates them! Currently being used to store eggs and for teabags and compost scraps (thats a bit of avocado skin in there in case you were wondering!)And finally this 1980’s National Dairy Council tea towel. It was 50p down the market. It has a few stains on it, but for that price it would have been rude to have left it behind!

3 thoughts on “New Old Stuff

  1. Love your finds, don’t know how I missed this! The Hornsea is fab, and I love your Babycham glasses. A drinks cabinet is on my wishlist right now with vintage glasses for every drink

    1. A few years ago we viewed a house which had a teak mirrored drinks cabinet with a glitter ball sort of bit in the middle. It was amazing. I wanted that more than the house! I would love a cocktail bar with a pineapple ice bucket and the full works, even though I hardly drink these days! x

      1. I have this corner in my living room that is crying out for a mirrored teak cabinet of some description, filled with beautiful vintage barware and pretty gin bottles. With a lock, because teenagers!
        It’s about the only piece of furniture left to shoe horn into my house, I just haven’t found the perfect piece yet.

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