New Forest 2012 Holiday Snaps

Better late than never I guess, here is a small selection of photos taken while on holiday in the New Forest with my family.

I did not really try to take any arty/clever/creative shots, so most of the two hundred odd snaps I took involve various members of my family. The majority were taken around the swimming pool, and will not be shown on here. No one needs to see me in a swimsuit, believe me!

These are all uncropped and unedited (cant you tell – ha!).

The picture of the gold post box is in Lymington and was taken while I felt a little daft and quickly between tourists posing next to it.

One day we walked along the coast and saw the needles on the Isle of Wight in the horizon.

The snap with the campervan was taken in Shanklin on our day trip to the island.

Coincidentally this is my 100th post! I’m actually quite proud of myself for making it this far as I wondered if blogging was something I would stick at. I still have my L plates but so far I am slowly finding my feet. I still have not done my big kitchen reveal though whoopsie! That post is in my drafts and hopefully I will finish it this side of Xmas!


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