New Forest 2015

Rob and I have just got back from a short mid week break to the New Forest!

We had been itching to get away somewhere on holiday ever since the new year, and discussed many options of were and when to go. We did consider a city break in Europe, and we got very close to booking a short break to Copenhagen (I wanted to see the SAS hotel and other Arne Jacobsen landmarks, the Finn Juhl house and go to the design museum etc), but in the end I chickened out because I did not want to fly! Another factor that contributed to our decision was the cost. We are very lucky to own a camper van, and so we want to enjoy it as much as possible. We much prefer to have lots of budget mini getaways rather than one big indulgent holiday!

Saying that though, last week we stayed in a caravan at Sandyballs holiday park. Its far too cold for me to camp! I am a bit of a diva when it comes to what time of the year to camp. For me, a large part of the camping experience is sitting around outside your van/tent in the evenings eating, drinking and talking rubbish. In early March the evenings are chilly, the nights still draw in quite early and the mornings are damp and dewy. We do know people on the VW scene who camp all year round, but I am not that hardcore. Instead I enjoyed the gas fire and central heating in the caravan!

The aim of this holiday was to get away from home and work, and to relax and enjoy some hiking, biking, swimming, eating and drinking. We certainly did all of that!

We had a lovely time, it was out of season so the park was nice and quiet, we lucked out with the weather (for once it didn’t rain!), we got out on our bikes every day, saw lots of ponies (including two who were very interested in our picnic lunch!) and just enjoyed our van – even though we didn’t camp in it, its still nice to explore the beautiful surroundings in it.

Here are some pictures, all taken by Rob, from our break. Warning – I hope you like lots of pictures of ponies!woodsstreampath

there was no way I was going to pedal up that hill!
There was no way I was going to pedal up that hill!
It might have been best to go through the gate. Hindsight, eh!
It might have been easier to go through the gate. Hindsight, eh!


Lymington harbour
Lymington harbour

tired ponyred ponywhite ponyvan and ponypony pony

4 thoughts on “New Forest 2015

  1. I’m sorry to say that for all your lovely photos and well-chosen words, all I did was laugh like a drain at the name Sandyballs. I have the mind of a particularly puerile and immature 13 year old boy, I’m afraid.

  2. We used to stay at Sandyballs at least once a year when I was a kid – the name always made me laugh too! I took the other half there for a weekend about 6 years ago to see what it was like after all those years – when I was a kid I loved the swimming pool and the playground, as an adult I made full use of the cheap back massages in the spa! 🙂 xx

    1. I love it down there. We have been to Sandyballs before a few years ago with the family and we hope to go back there again soon touring in the van. We are both clucking really badly this week to be on holiday again and back on our bikes! Aghhh! Big time post holiday blues!

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