My Style In My Thirties

Rob said to me while I was tapping this post out on my laptop “hurry up and publish another blog post, I want to know what is going on in our lives!” I replied “oh no, its just another narcissistic post where I talk all about myself again!” Ha, ha! Read on if you dare!

I mentioned a few posts ago about my wardrobe problems, in that I had nothing to wear. Actually, thats a lie. I had (and have) plenty to wear, just no real options for a smart casual outfit for a family meal.

Since that post, I have bought a few new items of clothing and edited my wardrobe. Here is a little peek!wardrobe

Please excuse the basket full of sanitary towels and my granny style dressing gown – it was a Xmas pressie!

As you can see, I have a lot of denim and navy. And not a lot of imagination, it seems!

I have invested in three pairs of decent jeans. I had been making do with a couple of cheap, ill fitting black jeans from Primark and New Look for the last few years. I put off replacing them because of my lack of funds (I work PT and would rather spend my money on food, books, festival tickets and house stuff than clothes) and, well laziness really. Shopping for and trying on jeans is pretty high up on my list of hellish things to do.

But when you have a mix and match, minimal, uniform way type of dressing you have to make the main elements count. So something had to be done.

When I left my second job last year they gave me a £25 M&S voucher, so mother and I took the bus up to the evil triangle of shops, sorry Bluewater, on a mission to spend it. We headed to the massive M&S denim department, and I managed to scramble around and gather the last few pairs of jeans in my size to try on, before all the herds of women of a certain age snatched them up before me. (Seriously, its like a war zone in there!)

And miracle of all miracles, I found some jeans that fit and flattered me! I bought a pair of their £22.50 jeggings which are lovely and comfy. So comfy in fact, that I went home and ordered them online in two different colours!

So now I have three pairs of decent jeans that I can dress up or down. Yay! I feel like such a grown up!

Its amazing how a good pair of jeans can make an outfit. For the first time in my life my Mum has started to tell me that I look nice and compliment me! But nothing has really changed with how I dress. I have just crossed the T’s and doted the I’s.

I live in my jeans and my style is very basic. I love a denim blouse, a chunky cardie, a stripy top and a hoodie or two. I have lots of these items in various colours which I can mix and match with my jeans and DM’s in the colder months.

In summer I pretty much live in t shirt style skater dresses with leggings and in what I call my jazzy pants (baggy, patterned, cotton trousers) with a black or white vest top and my old faithful Birkenstocks. Although I do also have a pair of navy Saltwater sandals. (Whaaat…I read far too many blogs, OK!) which my Mum and sister take the piss out of me for wearing, calling them my granny sandals!

If I need to dress up, I just wear smarter shoes, a bit more make up and some jewellery with my basic black blazer (which normally only comes out my wardrobe for job interviews and funerals). This seems to convince my Mum that I have made an effort and keeps her quiet! My poor Mum has despaired for years over my scruffiness. But once a grunger, always a grunger I say!

Its funny, when I was a teenager in the late nineties I loved standing out from the crowd. I used to wear secondhand clothing from the 70’s (it wasn’t called vintage in those days), make my own jewellery, bought kids clothing from Tammy Girl and prided myself for wearing the widest pair of flares I could find. Oh, and I loved a bit of glittery make up from Barry M too!

Once Britpop disappeared and it became the noughties, I went through a Hello Kitty and Afro Ken phrase. I loved all that Japanese cutesy stuff and used to wear their t shirts and accessories on nights out and wore a lot of pink. Thats all well and good when you are in your early twenties, and maybe up until your late twenties. But once you reach your mid thirties, you feel a little silly wearing this stuff. Or at least, I do anyway. Hats off to you if you can pull it off.

The same goes for me with slogan t shirts. Thats why I stick to plain or striped clothing. These days I am all about safe and boring and blending in. Its down to, part being that bit older and having nothing to prove, and part laziness with me.

As for inspiration, I love Erin from Reading My Tea Leaves outlook on style, fashion and dressing. The bloggers who’s dress sense I like the most are Susk from Susk and Banoo and Anna from Door 16 (check out their Instagram accounts for inspiration). As for celebrities, I admire Jessica Alba’s off duty style. That girl always looks amazing in her jeans, a baggy jumper and a scarf. Its probably because she is drop dead gorgeous and could wear a black sack and still look unbelievable! I admire Janet‘s, Elise’s and Pea Soup Eats outfit posts on their blogs. And the only fashion blog that I follow is Vintage Vixen. I follow her more for her attitude and outlook on life though. The lady talks sense! And Vix and Jon have a (slightly older than ours) orange T25 too. Respect.

2 thoughts on “My Style In My Thirties

  1. Ah, thank you so much! I have recently started to have a bit of a style crisis. I’ve not dressed my age for years but now that the fashions of our youth are back in stores I am a bit put off wearing them again. What’s the saying, if you can remember wearing it the first time round you’re too old to wear it again? Such ageist bullshit usually wouldn’t bother me but I look at teenagers prancing around in floral dresses and plaid shirts with DMs on their feet and chokers round their necks and I think, “yep, I am definitely too old for this”.

    1. I say wear whatever makes you happy and you feel comfortable in. I wish I wore more dresses, but I never really feel at ease wearing them. I don’t know why, as I don’t care what people think about my ugly knees etc. I guess I am a tomboy at heart! x

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