My Pyrex Casserole Bowls

Confession. I am a vintage Pyrex perv.

It was a slow burner this love affair and a surprising one too. A couple of years ago I bought two vintage Pyrex casserole bowls at a boot fair.

I just bought them because I liked the pattern. They cost me the princely sum of one whole pound for the two bowls, lids and a stand.

If I remember rightly, when we were packing up our own stall a lady approached me asking how much I wanted for them, thinking they were for sell! At the time I did not realise they had value and how collectible vintage Pyrex is!

I was a bit “meh” about them at first, but I thought to myself that they are better than the boring plain set of three we bought when I first moved out of home. But somehow, and unexpectedly these casserole bowls have grown on me. Now they have become one of the favourite pieces of vintage kitchenalia I own!

I cant explain my feelings for them, they just slowly but surely swept me off my feet! The more I that I saw them, the more I liked seeing them!

I really don’t understand how it happened, or the slight butterflies that I get when I see pictures of other pretty pieces of vintage Pyrex on the Internet! I am slightly embarrassed by it, after all its only a bowl to cook macaroni cheese and tuna bakes etc in….but its oh so pretty with its lovely milk glass (as they call it in America).

Milky glass makes me happy! I think I heart vintage Pyrex more than Cathrineholm!

= happy Helen!

It seems I am not the only Pyrex lover out there! Phew!

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