My Man Does The Sweetest Things For Me

I am sure that all close friends and couples out there have their own in jokes and lines that they quote to each other. Rob and I are no different, we each do silly impressions and have our own catchphrases and private jokes to make each other smile.

As we are not very well cultured, the sad truth is that most of our lines are gleaned from TV shows, adverts and films, with a few (good natured) mickey takes of various family members thrown in for good measure!

Seriously, we quote lines from Elf to each other daily.

Recently when one of us is boring the other one, for example me droning on in a poorly informed way about the growing gap between the rich and poor or Rob going on about his daily calorie intake after joining MyFitnessPal™, we have taken to holding up an imaginary paddle of rebuke to shut each other up and make me snigger!

Yes, I know that this advert has been around for quite a while now. What can I say, as well as being uncultured we are also a bit slow!

Today Rob was flapping his mouth for far too long for my liking so I put a status on my Facebook account saying how I need a paddle of rebuke.

And look what I came home from work to!paddlesOur very own paddles of rebuke! No more holding up an imaginary one!

Its amazing what you can cobble together with some double sided sticky tape, some cheap ping pong bat and balls from Sports Direct (that we had already and didn’t use), a marker pen and two elastic bands! Boy, we are going to have hours of fun with these!

Yup, I know, we are both really, really sad!

3 thoughts on “My Man Does The Sweetest Things For Me

  1. Oh my gosh, this is amazing! The Elf thing made me smile too, Thomas started referring to my Christmas love (which is, err, VERY enthusiastic) as “going Elf” and it’s now a common phrase between us. Yesterday we were in Ikea and when I saw the Christmas displays I “went full Elf”.

  2. Love it! You’ve got one crafty man there as well 🙂
    We’re both fans of stand up comedy so a lot of our lines we say at each other come from comedians and their shows – I’m sure other people must think we’re mad sometimes! 🙂 xx

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