My Christmas 2012

I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas this year. I have been busy drafting up loads of blog posts recently. I think its because I am off work and practically housebound at this time of year, plus there is lots going on at the moment which has got my blogging juices flowing!

For Christmas this year, as I do not have a lot of spare cash and am not big on Xmas (bah humbug!) Rob and I agreed to not buy each other any gifts.

So I stuck to this agreement. But someone did not.

Yep, Rob totally spoilt me again. He got me a Cambridge satchel and a vintage Pyrex casserole bowl that he ordered from America on Etsy. I in return, basically went ape-s**t and had a right go at him for spending far to much money on me and that I really did not want anything and totally ruined his moment!

Then my parents had a go at me for not getting him anything! Ah, it would not be Xmas without a few rows eh?

But in future, I am not going to mention that I like anything or that I want anything on my blog ever again! And I will not make anymore Etsy treasure lists or compile wish lists. It is a shame because they are quite fun to do, but I don’t want Rob to keep spending ridiculous amounts of money on me!

The bag is gorgeous and will last a lifetime (The Primark one fell to pieces after three weeks use!) and once I got over the shock, I told him I do really love it. I just was not expecting it.

I hope I don’t sound ungrateful. I don’t think I will ever get used to being spoilt. I think that is a good thing, it means I will never take things for granted.


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  1. Ha ha! Oh dear! Steve and I had agreed to spend no more than £30 on each other; he did not stick to it, but luckily I’d realised that before Chrismas Day so I’d already had my, “But we have too much stuff and you’re MAKING ME LOOK BAD!” moan.

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