My Birthday 2015

“So how old is Aunty Helen going to be?” said the oldest nephew as he was drawing me a Mario themed birthday picture around my parents house.

After my Mum told him the answer he replied “well, she doesn’t look it, and she rides her bike!”

I’ll take it! When you get to my age you take whatever compliments you can get. Even if they only ever come from the mouths of seven year old nephews. Bless him!

He also drew a picture of me inside my birthday card looking slightly deranged, wearing glasses with crazy eyes and holding up peace signs. So a pretty accurate then! Although, Rob did question the peace signs. He said that it would be a more realistic portrait of me if my fingers were held the other way round! The cheek, eh!mad aunty h

Now that my has been and gone, its time for another little round up on here!

The day started off with a visit to the hospital for Robs physio appointment. Yes, it was a bit of a chore, but its hard to rearrange these things. And Rob was very happy to go, as apparently his physiotherapist looks a bit like Scarlett Johansson!

So my parents drove us to the hospital (as Rob was still unable to drive) and we waited for him in the car park while he took his top off in front of a Black Widow lookalike (the poor love!), then afterwards we drove onto Toys Hill near Sevenoaks for a nice walk in the woods and to climb up the highest point on the North Downs.

Here are a few snaps from our day all taken by Rob (of course). If you are planning a visit to Kent, I would highly recommend coming here for a nice walk. Its an area managed by the National Trust and very pretty and hill 1toys hill 2toys hill 3toys hill 4toys hill 5

Then on Bank holiday Monday, it was celebrations round three for me! Rob, the parents, my sister, her husband and kids and I all went to our local park for a birthday picnic. It involved lots of food, booze, frisbees, footballs, rugby balls and bike races between me and my 7 year old nephew.

And I managed to fall off my bike and then break it in two separate incidents, what can I say, I was on fire that day!

I fell off racing my nephew up a hill, when just before I got to the top, right before it got really steep, I ran out of steam, messed up my gears, then started rolling backwards down the hill! I panicked and slammed on my brakes too hard and toppled over! I fell backwards and landed on my head and somehow managed to bruise my ankle and graze my shin quite badly on the opposite side of my body to the side I fell on???!?

I would like to make a point about how important it is to wear a bike helmet here people! I went down fast and hard on my head, and boy, was I glad that I was wearing my helmet! Always use protection, people – Its better to be safe than sorry!

My leg still hurts one week later, but I am not allowed to complain as my fall was no where near as bad as Robs. Nor am I allowed to use it as an excuse to wimp out of my 35 mile bike ride in June (which I might have mentioned once or twice on here before?)!

As for breaking my bike, I changed gear and managed to mangle my chain. We think it was a knock on effect from my fall where I must have dislodged some vital part on it or something. Rob did explain it to me, but it went in one ear and out the other. All I needed was a new chain (costing just £12) which Rob replaced for me. I was worried that I might need a new bike, but luckily the bike will live on to ride many more miles!

…Including 35 miles at the end of June!!!

4 thoughts on “My Birthday 2015

  1. Fab pictures! Sounds like your birthday celebrations were fun all round. I like the idea of a birthday picnic, but somehow I don’t think my family love me enough to do that in October!!

    Hope the leg & the bike are both ok.

    1. Ha ha! The joys of winter birthdays eh, but on the plus side you could convince them to do a tea party served in your Pyrex.

      Still have a massive bruise on my cankle but we are both fine thanks! x

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