My Best Ever Find

I struck gold, I had a once in a life time lucky find. I found a Cathrineholm  kettle in my local charity shop back in summer ’11. Do you want a blow by blow account of what happened? Whats that you say? Well tough – here is what went down on that magical sunny day.

I was just leaving said charity shop after having lunch in its little cafe with my Mum and Nan, when just as I reached the exit, one of the volunteers was carrying down a box of new stock to fill up the shelves. I caught a glimpse of the kettle in the corner of my eye and chased after the volunteer and literally grabbed it as soon as she put it on the shelf, right before another lady who was sniffing around could have a chance to snatch it up!

My cathrineholm kettle

It cost £5 and my mum treated me to it! Yes it has the plastic missing on the handle, but other than that its in pretty good shape for an item that is around 50 years old. I did originally buy it for our campervan bottom drawer, but we have a Volkswagen T25 van from the eighties, so its not the right time period. So instead I am keeping it on display in my kitchen as a knick-knack.

A google search showed me I got a bargain as others can sell for silly money – try £95 for a kettle in a more desirable colour. Yep I’m still chuffed to pieces I found it. I can only dream of one day owning a collection like this.

image from Viviana’s Flickr stream

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