Mum Champion of the World

Happy Mothers day to all the mummas out there!

My Mum is one of the funniest people I know. And the kindest and the wisest (she will love me for saying that!)

Most of her funniness is unintentional to be honest, bless her! She makes me laugh getting her names mixed up and struggling with modern technology! Yes – I am fully aware that one day I will be old(er) and this will happen to me! Bring it on I say, Im halfway there already!

I do take the mickey out of her, but its all good natured fun and she is the first person to laugh at herself!

Here are some things she has said and done recently that have made me chuckle!

“I like this song…… it a woman singing it?” About Pharrell Williams’s ‘Happy’

“Me and Helen went in that wholegrain” She was telling my Dad how we went to Wholefoods supermarket on our daytrip to Kingston/Richmond!

Im getting rid off all my easter decorations, Im giving them to your sister for the boys”……..and then after a ten second pause, while we were browsing the cute easter pharaphanalia in John Lewis…….”ooh, Im going to buy this bunny!” I pointed out her complete daftness and we both giggled around the lovely but overpriced homeware department.

“Oh, you have’nt gone off the monkeys have you?” Mum and I were discussing her future holiday to Iceland, where she and my Dad hope to see the northern lights (Im well jel BTW). I then proceeded to tell her that she has to go whale watching. I then told her about how much I love whales, that they are my favourite, and how much I would love to see them in the wild. I then told her about the Sea Shepherd and that she has to watch Whale Wars. I then finally drew breath and this was her reply!
As you can tell we have plenty of intelligent discussions in our family!!! By monkeys, she was referring to orangutans, as her little armchair environmentalist daughter (yours truly) has been wanging on for years about palm oil and orangutangs, and has banned her from buying Flora, KitKats, Dove products and whatever else Greenpeace have emailed me about. And bless her heart, she does not roll her eyes at me, she listens and follows suit. At least I can get on my soapbox and get one person to listen to me! She is great!
But what I cannot comprehend is that she and dad are not that bothered about going whale watching. WTF!! Are they mad? I have until October to convince them that they simply must go!*

Ever since I was a little girl Mum and I have been fans of Jo Brand. She let me watch her on the telly from as early as I can remember. So basically all our humour is based around PMT jokes and laughing at men!

She is not afraid to get drunk and let her hair down. From pole dancing in Cyprus to climbing into kids tricycles and peddling around the garden, she is alway the first person on the dance floor!

There was also that time when she opened her front door to her son in law waving a pair of scissors around, when my sister announced her third pregnancy!

*I have also recently bored my parents about Blackfish. Poor parents, they do indulge my ranting. I would just tell me to shut up!

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