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Its funny how things go, isn’t it.

About six months ago, I looked at the cushions on our sofas and thought to myself “these are looking a bit tatty. Next pay day I am going to treat myself to some new cushions”.

But then I decided that it was time to buy some new sofas. After all, they are now eleven years old and the larger sofa has become so worn down, that it is now uncomfortable to sit on.

So I put off buying some new cushions until I got some new sofas.

But then, I (or rather we) decided that I wanted to move house, so the new sofas were also put on hold.

So I have gone from buying new cushions, to buying a new sofa, to buying a new house!!!

……I should have just bought some new cushions really, it would have been a lot easier and much cheaper!!

Normally Rob and I journey through life and make subtle changes at a much slower pace! In thirteen years we have gone from renting, to living in our first house in Chatham that we bought together for five years, to living in our second house in Maidstone for six years, to living in in our third house (hopefully – we are not there yet!) in a village in north Devon!

Boom! There is my big reveal – we are moving to Devon! More details coming soon!

Yep, its going to be a big change and I do think that living somewhere semi-rural will be a huge culture shock for me. I am the ultimate townie after all!

When we lived in Chatham I sometimes had to step over smackheads on my way home from work (true story), we had a burnt out car down our road (not ours thank goodness) and the front of our house was graffitied.

Apart from that, living there was fine! We got out of the town alive (!) and the only real side effect is that my (slightly chavvie) accent has become even more pronounced and we both swear now more than ever. Oh, that and the fact that nothing shocks me anymore!

After that, living in Maidstone, on a so called rough estate for six years has been lovely. I genuinely like the area and the people who live here (well most of them anyway). I feel part of the community (because everyone knows everyone) and I talk to lots of people in passing. That is one thing that I will miss. Plus we have had no trouble living here. Well, apart from once when the tires were slashed on the Beetle on our driveway. But unfortunately that kind of thing can happen anywhere, even in the most well to do parts of the world (and even in semi-rural villages in Devon!)

Living in our new village (wow, I feel so posh saying village!!) will be strange and different. We found it odd that everyone leaves their bikes out unlocked and their garage doors wide open! It will be years before we become that trusting – if we ever will be! Personally I do not think that I will ever be that laid back about my possessions and security. You can take boy and girl out of Chatham/Maidstone but you can’t take the Chatham/Maidstone out of the boy and girl, eh!!

Also, we are so unused to people being polite that we didn’t realise that people were letting us pass on the pavement and moving out of the way for us! Manners are so rare in Kent these days, as everybody is going about their business in such a hurry and nobody has no time for anyone else. But to us this is the norm, and its going to take a while to get used to people being more considerate.

Unless we have been lucky on our visits so far and we still have our rose tinted glasses on, eh!

Who knows really? However the west country is famed for its slower, laid back pace of life, and I for one am looking forward to finding out if this is really the case!

Wish us luck and keep your fingers crossed that everything goes through OK, as we still have not exchanged contracts yet and it could all go tits up for us! But I have decided to talk about things on here now as everyone IRL knows where we are going and there really is no point in hiding it online (not that there was before anyway! It was just me being silly and ultra superstitious and scared of things going wrong!)

2 thoughts on “More Moving Talk

  1. Wow! I love North Devon. I am going to guess somewhere around Croyde or Woolacombe? I got married in Ilfracombe and then had a party in Croyde. Our vw camper was our wedding car. Are you going to open a retro B and B? I would visit like a shot. Good luck in the next chapter of your lives.

    1. Hi Lisa, yes we are going to be very near those two places! I am equally nervous and excited at the moment and busy trying to see all our friends and old faces before we go. Although all our VW friends have said that they will see us again soon when they camp in the area!

      Your wedding sounds like it was amazing, I bet you have some amazing photos.

      Funny enough, I have considered doing the whole AirBnB thing to earn a little extra cash. But I find entertaining guests and hosting dinners really stressful! I am not a natural hostess with the mostess!! Thanks though! x

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