More Links!

Yes, another one of these posts. But this post is not called linky links. I hated that title but I could not think of anything better at the time!

•I love this blog all about kitsch! Its a new discovery to me. This post made me smile, I was a Brownie back in the 80’s!

Oh you east Londoners, you are all too cool for school, with your trendy clothes, cute kids, and amazing homes.

Despite their origins, I think these concrete monuments are very striking. The beautiful surroundings help too.

I do love a house tour. This blog has some of the best ones (in my opinion!). I have been a follower of this blog for ages, and recently had another little browse at the archives again. Very inspiring!

We all know about The Selby, Freundevonfreunden, and Closet Visit etc. The Socialite Family is a new (to me anyway) site in a similar vein where you can have a virtual nosey around some amazing family homes.


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