Linky Links

I felt like doing a links post.

Because I enjoy them on other peoples blogs, you can click on some thought provoking articles you would over wise miss online, and I appreciate the work that has gone into the post compiling it.

My linky links post contains none of the above things. That’s the clever links and the effort put in to it, but I hope you enjoy it none the less!

•Will Ferrell’s New York apartment. Pretty swish eh? I’m loving the papa bear chairs in the lounge area and main bedroom.

A cute kitchen. It made me think I should have tried harder with my photos on my reveal post (maybe put a cute vintage effect on them?) Then I remember that I CBA.

•Talking of kitchens. I love seeing tours online, here is a good’un (loads of Pyrex!) with links at the end to more kitchen tours!

•I love a good nosey around a celebs home and I love Etsy. The two worlds collide here in this video. Plus I love Kat Von D!

•This is kinda how I feel about blogging. I like this line – Don’t worry if your first ten, twenty, or an entire year’s worth of posts are shit and you can’t figure out if you’ll ever be able to string together words in the way you want to. Via Yes and Yes.

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