Link Love

If you have a few spare hours and sometimes daydream of leaving the rat race, then have a butchers at this lovely blog called Home is where you park it.

This blog has been read from start to finish by Rob which is quite a rare thing, and myself (not rare!), and we both talked about posts over dinner and for a few days afterwards. It made me sort of come around to the idea of having a toilet in our van, maybe….

Warning – Do not read this blog before you have go to work like I did, as it will really make you think about jacking it in and driving off into the sunset in a rusty vw camper van.

Now we really must get those repairs/MOT sorted on our van!


2 thoughts on “Link Love

  1. Hi Helen and Rob! So glad the blog has been of interest! We really struggled to find blogs of other van makeovers for inspiration and reference which is why we set up ours.

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