Lately #16

Oh dear, its October and I haven’t blogged!

I know – I will do a quickie/bullet points/catch up type of post to dip my toes back into blogging and hopefully it will spur me on to write more posts soon!

Q – What have I been up to, then? A – Not much as usual, but here are a few mundane details, if you are interested….

  • We are cracking on with the house and garden to do list. Rob got the all clear from the hospital recently (although he was a bit upset that his Scarlet Johansson look-a-like physio dumped him told him that she did not want to see him anymore!) So now that he is fit enough for manual labour, he has built our garden path and assembled his new man cave, sorry I mean shed. I wouldn’t say that our garden is looking good, but its looking much, much better. I will share some pictures on here soon.
  • I finally found a free WordPress theme that I like! I was thinking of dropping £39 on a fancy Pipdig theme, all because I hated how my blog looked. Luckily I found the clean and simple Prana theme and saved my pennies. Its not perfect, but it will do for now. I just need to figure out how to add social media buttons to my blog now. Help!new bike
  • Talking of dropping a considerable amount of money… I have a new expensive, fancy pants, female specific road bike. And I have never spent so much money on myself! But, I have been working hard of late, and I did get some money back from the tax man as work screwed up my payments last year. Plus Rob contributed some money towards it (its my Xmas and future present combined from him), but blimey, if someone would have told me this time last year that I would own a £600+ bike, I would have told them ‘yeah right’! Its official – I am cycling nut now. What have I become!
Meme source via Google. Credit unknown.
True dat. Meme source via Google. Credit unknown.
  • We have been eating lots of crumbles recently, and I have been over sharing them on Instagram. Sorry about that, I just can’t help myself! This is our favourite topping recipe. Its a bit cakey, cobblery, hob-noby, and crumbley all at the same time. If you can imagine such a thing? Needless to say its good! Double the recipe to feed four. Oink oink!crumble

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