Lately #8

Blimey, its has been over two weeks since I last posted! What have I been up to? Not much really, but lets have a little catch up of whats going on in my world anyway….

  1. Camping. Last weekend we had a couple of nights away camping near Bewl Water, Kent with my sister and her family. My sis is very much a girl who likes her home comforts (she camped once years ago, then refused to go ever again as she hated it because it was too cold etc!) But she loves our camper van and the lifestyle, so she decided to give camping another shot. Thankfully, this time she really enjoyed it and she now wants to go again! So my BILtoB is on the hunt for a secondhand trailer tent – yey! Trailer tents are half way between a tent and a caravan. Rob and I toyed with the idea of buying one for years and probably would have one now if we did not have the opportunity to buy and fix up our van. Squee! Im looking forward to next summer already!Instagram Bewl water
  2. Cycling. When we were away, the plan was to go on a nice bike on Bewl Waters family friendly bike trail. Rob, Sis, BILtoB and oldest nephew all have their own bikes (smaller ‘phew goes on the back of BILtoB’s bike in his safety seat) and somehow, despite me saying that I was happy to wave everyone off and maybe entertain the youngest ‘phew while they all went for a ride, I was persuaded to hire a bike and join them. Now, I have not rode a bike for about 20 years (apparently exercise bikes don’t count) but it really is a easy as riding a bike again as the saying goes, it all came back to me. Granted, I screamed when going down hills, nearly pooped myself when cars overtook me, my knuckles went white from gripping the handle bars too tightly, I broke out in a stress rash (it was sunburn really, but I still blame the trauma as I smothered myself in factor 50!) and I incurred a £5 fine for returning the bike late. Oh yeah, and there was a incident where after I pushed the bike up a hill, I somehow got back on it with the handle bars the wrong way round (no, I don’t know how I manage to do that either) and boy did I panic when I couldn’t find the brakes! Still it made everyone laugh, including me, at least! family bikers
  3. Thinking. Do I want to buy a bike? Despite the punishing bike ride last weekend and the saddle sore bum for days afterwards, I did sort of enjoy it! – We did the full 13 mile route BTW, I was only expecting to do about 5-6 miles! In fact we did around 20 miles in total (combined with walking for me) My 6 year old nephew did it all on his own bike with out any complaints – very impressive. I on the other hand had a few tantrums and was close to tears several times! My sister was the same as me, 20 miles is hardcore for beginners like us, and we were pushing our bikes quite a lot! We will go to another country park to hire a bike again for a shorter route (TFFT) to see if I enjoy it and it will be something we do together. I will keep you posted.
  4. Reading. This lovely blog. I have been following blogs for about 6 years now and I have dipped in and out of Junkaholique over the years. I did not realise that they also own a camper van! Please have a looky! Artemis is such a talented photographer and her blog makes camping look so stylish, dreamy and beautiful. The opposite of my camper van posts basically!
  5. Obsessing. Over vintage cookbooks (I cant get enough) and mid century architecture. I can feel a few geeky blog posts brewing! This house tour just blew me away. I love the features and the wood in the house.
  6. Dreaming. About the future. About five year plans that might turn into ten year plans.

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