Lately #7

Here is the 411 in Hels and Rob land. All the happenings in May and June so far –

  • I bought Nigella’s Kitchen and Hugh’s Three Good Things in a 2 for £10 offer at WH Smiths. Bargain! Have I told you blog readers how much I love Hugh? The man sure knows how to wear an apron well.
  • Our washing machine broke, so we ordered a new A+++ one. I always buy the most energy efficient appliances I can for my budget. The old one gave us nearly 8 years of service. I hope the new one does the same.
  • Rob took apart smashed up the old washing machine to get the drum out to use as a fire pit (don’t ask!) He always has strange ideas!
  • Why am I blogging about washing machines? Who cares? YKYAGOW…..
  • Our back garden is a proper dump. We now have a washing machine drum, a pile of car tires, a bonfire patch, overgrown weeds and lawn, loads of cat shit and car/campervan parts everywhere. Its more like something out of Shameless than The Good Life type garden of my dreams! One day maybe…
  • I made this recipe for flapplejacks twice in one week! Nom nom!
  • I discovered Grimes‘s Tumblr
  • And this blog called Shit London. Its kind of the opposite of Spitalfields Life!
  • Back when we were on holiday last summer in the New Forest, I spotted a great vintage shop in Brockenhurst called Pineapple Retro. Sadly it was closed so I could only press my nose against the window. So we went to the pub opposite for a drinky or two instead. Here is the owners house tour on Apartment Therapy. I love their collection of mid century glass!
  • After using the same mobile phone for over five years (yes really!) I finally got around to sorting out a new tariff and got myself a shiny new smart phone and joined Instagram! I cant wait to Instagram the f*** out of Glastonbury!

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