Lately #6

Wad gowan? See below if you are interested.

    • Following my emotional blog post about the end of google reader I started using Feedly and all is fine. In fact I love Feedly!
    • I have a couple of posts coming up soon about my current work situation. I just need to write them.
    • Rob has started sewing the door panel and seating upholstery for the camper van with my nans old sewing machine. He really is a clever creative so and so. Meanwhile I am still too chicken s**t/lazy to attempt some bunting. I live creatively through Rob.

PicMonkey Collage

    • He even made a special table for his project(s) from MDF.

the great british sewing bee

  • Now that we know the Glastonbury line up, Rob is really looking forward to seeing Smashing Pumpkins and Dinosaur Jr (I often tease him by calling him Mr stuck in the early 90’s. Justifiably so!) and I am just looking forward to going. Rob and I are a bit rubbish at watching bands at festivals, especially at huge festivals like Glasto. We tend to drink cider for breakfast wander as far as the beer tent then lose track of time!
  • I somehow managed to bust one of Rob’s work computers, while checking something on eBay. Oops! This is the second mac that has broke on me in a year! Its fixed now, phew! Turns out the hard drive was faulty. The other busted mac was 7 years old and on its last legs. Its nothing to do with me, honest!
  • The camper van is currently at Rob’s friends workshop, having its final push on the restoration work. I have some work in progress pictures below to share!


  • Its not going to be ready for our camping trip planned this month. The target is now Glastonbury. We managed to snag a camper van ticket! Geez, they are expensive (plus the tickets themselves). Ouch, my purse hurts! Or it will do when I pay back Rob my half!
  • I saw both a Robin and a Robin Reliant on my walk into town yesterday. What are the chances of that?
  • And finally, a story from Femail that is not about a pregnant Victoria’s Secret model, Miranda Kerr or some Z list papped in a bikini. Its an article for all lovers of mid century gadgets out there. You know what I found shocking about this feature? – That she hoovers 3 times a week!



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