Lately #4

  • I have been practicing my bread making. I think some small improvements have been made. My bread is now a bit less flat. And it doesn’t look like a prehistoric sea creature!bread
  • My bread is a kind of  hybrid of a recipe I used from a flour packet for a sourdough and this method. This suits me as I am a lazy bread maker.
  • I can see this book belonging to me in the near future.
  • I think what went wrong with my weird prehistoric sea creature bread, was that I put it in the oven with a bowl of boiling water (as per instructions on the flour packet) to prove and it over proved. And then some!
  • I am daydreaming about how our finished bedroom will look. We are currently camping in the office and all our stuff is crammed into the spare bedroom in binbags.
  • The bedroom is now plastered and half painted, the carpet is ordered and the new wardrobes will be delivered on Valentines day. Here is a snap of what it currently looks like.our bed
  • You will be pleased to know I managed to find the perfect (for me) greeny-grey paint colour that I had pictured in my head. I found it in some obscure, very posh and expensive interiors shop on a day trip to Tunbridge Wells. Trust me to pick the worlds most expensive paint! But I just could not find the right colour in my local Homebase etc!
  • I have been wearing the same outfit for a while as I cannot find my clothes in the piles of rubbish in the spare bedroom. Don’t worry – I have access to clean undies! Thank god its winter and not hot and sweaty weather is all I can say!
  • Whats a girl to do after buying loads of organic beetroots reduced to 35p? Why, make some cake that’s what!cake
  • And then eat loads of roasted beetroot. Nom nom! I still have two beets left. Maybe I will make some beetroot brownies next.
  • I think I have finally nailed pizza dough. Post coming soon! I made this recipe last night, but added some chili flakes. It was very tasty.


  • We are going to see the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s in May. Its my birthday pressie from Rob! I cant wait, I have not seen them live before and now I can finally cross them off my list!
  • We hope to drive up to the Ally Pally in the Campervan with a picnic basket and a cooking stove to make lots of cups of tea with. Oh who am I kidding, a fridge full of beer maybe! That is, if they still have free parking at the venue, if not we will get the train up.

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