Lately #3

Just a few randoms from whats going on in my life at the mo to share…..

  • I am starting to feel a little panicky about Xmas. I hate shopping. Nuff said.
  • Rob and I have ordered new carpet for our lounge and dining room! Whoo hoo! After two years of bare concrete floors, they should be fitted in time for Xmas!
  • We also ordered a brand new bed! Yup, a decent, proper, grown up divan bed (a stylish one, honest!) I will post on here all about my bedroom decorating plans soon.
  • My brain cannot cope with all these choices I have to make, i.e wardrobes, gifts for family members, paint colours etc. Gheeze, give me a break, I am useless at making decisions!
  • Rob and I now have matching his and hers onesies (his being a skeleton design and mine being pink polka dots!) Cozy time!
  • Finally, I think my baking mojo is back! I am going to attempt some mince pies tomorrow or Thursday. That’s about as festive as I will get!
  • I would love to attend a Clandestine cake club, but there is not one in my area. Should I be brave and start one up for Maidstone? I will point out here that I have, umm, questionable organisational skills. See above, I struggle organising Xmas gifts in time for Xmas!
  • Bah humbug.
  • Gah, found another well written blog from a young upstart!

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