Lately #2

  • I recently made this recipe and this recipe, but did not photograph them for future Slow Cooking Sunday posts. Both were very tasty meals BTW. Yep, Im a useless blogger.
  • I turned up to work last Tuesday morning when it was my week off. Yep, I’m a muppet.
  • I mentioned on here that I made a No-Knead bread the other week, it was OK. I have not made another attempt to practice the technique. Yep, Im a lazy bread maker.
  • I have found a couple of prints I want to purchase for the lounge. Yet more wall art to add to the growning collection of cardboard tubes containing prints waiting to be framed. Nothing gets done quick in our house. Or on my blog – House tour coming soon…..ish.
  • Rob managed to reserve two Glastonbury tickets for us both this morning! It will be our first trip back to the festival since 2005 (I think). We got fed up trying then failing to order tickets for 24 hours plus before they sold out etc, and felt that the festival was getting a little too commercial, so we gave up on it many years ago. I remember the good old days when no one bought a ticket, people would just jump the fence! We were persuaded (well Rob mainly, as I have wanted to go back again for years, as Glasto always has a special place in my heart!) by our VW club friends to give it another go. The plan was go with them in a big group and camp together in our camper vans. But they did not manage to get tickets. Dammit!
  • We now have eight months to get the camper van camping worthy! Plus it will be Rob’s birthday at the festival!
  • The camper van failed its MOT recently on 18 fails.
  • My new favorite blog is this one. I cannot stop reading it. I like the oldie’s stories of growing up in the east end best. Although I cannot say that any of my grandparents grew up that area (they are from Liverpool and Kingston/Surrey respectably) they grew up in similar circumstances and poverty. In a area where so much has changed over the years, its nice to remember how things used to be and to hear peoples stories.

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