Lately #12

Dear blog,

It has been a while since I last wrote, so lets have a little catch up on what I have been up to (or rather my excuses why I have not blogged!) –

  • Working lots. But I am not complaining, its all good. I mainly work afternoons, evenings and weekends now, and I am trying to establish a routine (hard to do when you don’t have a regular shift pattern). Its a good job that I don’t have much of a social life these days!
  • Not cooking bloggable recipes. What am I like? I wrote a whole post about how I want to be an amateur food blogger etc, then radio silence! But due to my shift pattern, I am doing lots of batch cooking and freezing, using my slow cooker loads and creating meals where I do most of the prep in advance. I have upped my meal planning and organisational game a notch or two thats for sure! I might blog about this eventually (or probably not).
  • Falling for a new blog The other day I came across this lovely blog via The Wednesday Chef. I follow very few food blogs, but I just had to add this one to my Feedly feed. I will probably never cook any recipes from it, but the writing is so good. I love the story about the Italian grannies tutting at her housekeeping and washing habits. Funnily enough, I have a similar situation with our neighbour who lives opposite me. Although the same story is far less romantic set on a Kent council estate and with Barb opposite pegging out her sheets with a fag hanging out of her mouth!
  • Spending money I haven’t got on stuff I don’t need (thats a stupid expression, I have got it. I should just put it towards food and essentials). A wee side table from Habitat to put a plant on in the dining room in a 25% off flash event and two beautiful books from Phaidon at 50% off. Its my Xmas pressy to myself and the house, thats how I justify it!
  • Having luck in a charity shop! I found another great vintage cookbook for my collection in my local Oxfam bookshop for £2.49. It was published in 1955 and has some great photos, its not as kitschy as the American Betty Crocker books, but still glorious and retro.goodhousekeepinggoodHK
  • Talking of Xmas, its going to be an extra small affair this year. We need our roof repaired and a new fridge freezer as our 10 year old one keeps producing massive ice rinks on the bottom of it and then leaking. Its a good job that I have already bought Rob his present this year (his Kelly Kettle) and my books for me! I am already dreading Januarys credit card bill! Although to be fair, Xmas is always a small affair in our house anyway.
  • Acquiring another plant. This one used to belong to my nan who sadly passed away recently. (The basil next to it is from Morrisons). Its a lovely christmas cactus that she had in her room in her care home. I hope I don’t over water it!nans plant
  • Drafting and Planning lots of future blog posts. I aim to publish more posts in the run up to Xmas. I just need to get my act together and find time to edit them and take the photos. Its harder to blog in winter, as you tend to hibernate indoors and the days are darker and less photogenic. But life comes before blogging, so lets see how things pan out.
  • Editing my wardrobe. We all went out for a meal for my Mums Birthday at the beginning of November and I really did not have anything to wear. And I mean literally really did not have anything to wear! It was a poor show on my part! Ever since I started working part time, I have not really bought myself any new clothes, just replacing things when they fall apart. So my jeans were baggy and ill fitting, and I wore a top that was five years old and didn’t fit properly (and I no longer liked it). Thankfully my blazer and Converses saved the outfit and I looked semi respectful (I don’t do smart, only smart casual!) But the experience prompted me to have a major, much needed sort out of my clothing. Three bags were sent to the charity shop and I aim to have one of these grown up capsule/minimal/uniform type wardrobes filled with good quality mix and match basics that will last a long time (all from Primark, New Look and H&M thanks to my budget!) I am taking my inspiration from Reading My Tea Leaves Minimalist Wardrobe posts, telling myself “choose a colour palette and stick to it Hels” as I eye up another mustard colour cardi in the shops. Its gonna be a slow process, but one day I will be dressed like a woman in her thirties should be. Wish me luck!
  • Realising that I need a smart black coat for Nan’s funeral. Arrgh, I just sent one with funny pointy bits on the shoulders (that was about 8 years old) to the charity shop!! Shite, I had better get down the town and panic buy another coat that I hate and will only wear once or twice!

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    1. Im better than I thought I would be thank you. Im pleased with the table – its always worth subscribing to emails/following on Instagram to hear about these special offers which may or may not have something to do with Black Friday!

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