Jelly On The Plate

Look what my mum found and gave me! A vintage rabbit jelly mold!

She found in the wardrobe while having a sort out, and I remember this used to make appearances at birthday parties when I was a kid.

It is something of a family heirloom as it used to belong to my great grandmother and is from either the 30’s or the 50’s according to my mum! Shall we just call it being from the 40’s for arguments sake!

So I thought I would use it to make some some strawberry yogurt jelly.

Edible duracell bunny?

Unfortunately I could not get the jelly out of the mold! I googled for any ideas how to do so, and tried leaving it in warm water for a few minutes which was the top suggestion. Nope, did’nt work! Next time I will try lining the mold with a little flavourless oil, the other suggestion the google told me!

1x pack of strawberry jelly (I bought raspberry by mistake, shh don’t tell anyone!)
300g plain yogurt (or you can use strawberry flavour if you wish)
150g chopped strawberries

1. Chop up jelly into cubes and dissolve with 300ml boiling water then cool.
2. Add the strawberries and yogurt to the jelly and whisk together.
3. Pour into bowls or molds and leave to set in the fridge for a minimum of four hours.
4. Eat while singing jelly on the plate (the singing part is optional)

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