Its All Gravy!

gravy trainConfession – I have been buying some vintage Pyrex on EBay!

We recently had a good sort out/spring clean, and I sold some unwanted stuff on EBay and made a tidy profit! And yes, I might have spent a little of my pay-pal moneypot on some Pyrex!

Some people might call it cheating, but I have a slim to none chance of finding any Pyrex out in the wild. My local charity shops are very expensive and don’t have much decent vintage for sale. Rob and I hardly ever go to boot fairs either, as we will always choose a lay in over rising at the crack of dawn. I’m just not a dedicated enough treasure hunter to sacrifice my beauty sleep!

Soon after my blog confession about leaving some Pyrex behind and regretting it, I decided to console myself with a little online purchase. My first win was the snowflake 50’s gravy/sauce boat. I won it for £3 plus £3 P+P. Then a few days later, having written off my chances of finding Pyrex in a local chazza ever again, I found the Cottage Rose patterned gravy boat for £3.99 in my local PDSA. Not cheap as chips, but cheapish for my area!yellow gravyThe snowflake yellow sauce pourer/gravy jug/soup bowl (all of which I have seen these described as on EBay, take your pick!) is from the late 50’s/early 60’s I believe and has the handy feature of a pourer on each side, so can be used by left handed or right handed people.yello sauseThe Cottage Rose patterned gravy boat is from the mid 60’s/early 70’s and has a pourer at the front, which can be also used by lefties and righties.

Rob kind of groaned and rolled his eyes when he saw this. He thinks its horrible! Well tough luck, because it is currently displayed in pride of place on my kitchen nick-nack shelf with its other milk glass friends, and is staying put!roseyrosey treasure


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