Introducing Spinderella.

Finally the kitchen is finished. I promise the big reveal post is coming soon, I just need to take some decent pictures.

But for now I can formally introduce you to my dream machine – my pink Kitchenaid mixer!

Rob completely surprised me with my amazing birthday present this year! Is it possible to be in love with a mechanical object? (Umm, don’t answer that one ladies!) Because I have fallen for her big time!

So far I have made a disastrous marble cake, x 2 cupcakes, a chocolate buttercream cake and tomorrow I plan to bake some chocolate chip cookies. Basically, I am never going to be a size 10-12 again, farewell diet plans!!

Inspired by Tracy calling her Kitchenaid Sir Mixalot, and many others out there in blogland and beyond naming their machines, I have decided to name her Spinderella!

Yep I got a little carried away on Picmonkey!

Sigh, isn’t she photogenic.
I love a bit of old skool hip hop!

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