Introducing Our Campervan

Now lovely readers, I trust that you have all read my Link Love post from 11/08/12 and clicked on the link to see Emma and Nicks adventures in their T25 Colonel Mustard?…………Mum? Have you?

Well let me introduce our very own VW campervan which is as yet unnamed.

The bug and our van on the drive

Unfortunately we will not be driving off into the sunset for a while.

The interior through the window
Rusty wiper!

He was bought 18months ago from a member of the VW club we belong to (hey – please don’t snigger! This car club likes to socialise, camp together, drink together, BBQ together and sometimes talk about VW’s and help fix them up together!) for £750 and needs a little TLC to be worthy of sleeping in, or failing that to at least be able to pass its MOT.

All of the following images except the last are taken by Rob with his iPhone.

The main concern I had when we viewed it, was not the fact that it had no MOT, or that it was being used as a garden shed and had a few holes on the bodywork. It was the moldy green gangrene stuff I saw on it, which has now stained our yet-to-be tarmac-ed driveway.

Rob assures me it will go away once he has fixed it up and given it a good clean. He is currently learning how to weld and once a week he likes to rev it up and stink out the house with exhust fumes as he always leaves the front door open!

In the mean time we have a very nice tent.

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