Im Hornsea

Im Hornsea, Hornsea, Hornsea, Hornsea, so Hornsea, Hornsea, Hornsea, Hornsea. Sorry this song always pops into my head every time I see a piece of Hornsea!

You know how it is – you spend weeks, nay months going to boot fairs and browsing around charity shops, hoping to find some vintage treasures but in reality you only window shop the overpriced tat, which is mainly board games with pieces missing and “vintage” clothing from Primark that costs more than it did originally brand new in Primark.

When suddenly you strike gold! Its a great feeling! Granted I will never top the Cathrineholm Kettle I found in my local Hospice shop, but the scavenger in me will keep on trying. And two weeks ago I found these two pieces of Hornsea.

The first piece I found was the coffee pot which I bought in a charity shop on the Isle of Wight, while on our day trip while on holiday in the New Forest. The Isle of Wight is great for vintage from what I could see with the few chazza’s I raced around (I had a bored Rob with me) in Shanklin. After all it is an island that folk retire to and does not have a huge amount of chain stores on it to buy new stuff (and no Primark!). I maybe paid a little too much for it at £7 but I was caught in the moment and it is for charity after all! Rob absolutely hates it and Hornsea in general, so I told a little white lie that I might eBay it to make a little profit. But I am hoping it will grow on him, if not – too bad!

The second piece, my green milk jug was found in the Cancer Research in Maidstone for £1.25 just days after finding the coffee pot.

I think they look rather dandy together, now I need to figure out where to display them. The dining room, lounge or the kitchen? – Before I eBay them of course *cough*!


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