I Still Like Big Old Books And I Cannot Lie

So as I mentioned in a previous post, the parents recently had a sort out of all the junk stored up in their loft and asked me to collect the last of my books from my childhood which had languished up there for the last 15 – 20 odd years.

We collected a large suitcase full of trashy Point Horror, Point Romance, Judy Blume, Nancy Drew, Babysitter Club books and GCSE english books. This was donated straight away to the charity shop and not photographed for my blog Im afraid.

And then, the mother load – a huge box full of Enid Blyton books! (With some added Laura Ingalls Wilder et al for the keen eyed!)big booksol booksBrace yourselves for lots of badly composed pictures of books!80'sI discovered this 80’s tactic encyclopaedia type book for young girls which also has tips on how to keep fit and stay slim, beauty tips and some recipes to try. I wonder if the young boys version included these? #feministrantalertL I WI loved the Little House books when I was a booksI also loved the TV series All Creatures Great and Small and Mr Majeika. Unfortunately I could not get into the James Herriot books and I never did read them (sorry Mum!)st claresmallory towersBut I did love a good book about an all girls boarding school or two! Midnight picnics and Lacrosse ahoy!mystrysecretsecret 7famous 5adventureAnd books about gangs of children solving crimes and mysteries.books againSorry for the blur on this photo. The box of books took me all afternoon to sort out! Its funny, in a telephone conversation my Mum, her exact words were to me “I never knew that Enid Blyton wrote so many bloody books!!” I know what she means!random EBbooks galorebooks galore 2So what did I do with all these lovely old books you ask? Please don’t hate me but after sorting them and photographing them for my blog, I decided to donate most of them to charity. I kept a few of the older books and some of my favourites, but the rest had to go. I have spent years working hard on curbing my hoarding habits and they would have only been stored up in our loft for decades. Its best that they can be read and enjoyed again and raise some money for a good cause rather than gather dust and mold.

Are they family heirlooms? Yes and no. A lot of these books were bought secondhand in jumble sales and so on. I have 3 nephews and no children of my own so there is no one to pass them on to. If Rob and I do start a family, I reasoned that this is my childhood, not theirs. A lot of these books are dated and not very PC. Any possible future kids of mine can chose their own interests and books. And if they decide that they like Enid Blyton and old books then I will kick myself!

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