I Learnt Something Today!

Today I learnt that you can buy crisps from Kent. They were very nice thank you.

I also started to work on #8 of my Blogging Goals list. To improve the look and layout of my blog.

I know I will not win any awards for what I have done, but for a complete thicko novice like me its some progress.

I hated the look of my blog and had been patiently waiting for my web developer/former graphic designer other half to make it smarter for me. But Rob is a busy man and to be honest, I dont want to make the poor boy to stay sitting in front of his computer in the little he has of his free time. So I decided to try myself. Plus I need to learn the basics.

How things used to look

I also forgot to do a screen grab of the before look of my blog so I grabbed this teeny-tiny image from bloglovin!

When I started this blog in January, I  purchased a domain name to self host my blog with WordPress installed, instead of using a free blogging platform like Blogger or going through The self hosted option is what serious bloggers chose apparently. I just did this as hosting is a service my partners company offer – feel free to contact me if you are interested in purchasing your own little space of the Internet etc!

I set my blog up and installed the 3rd most popular theme Twenty Eleven. I set to work customising it to the best of my abilities, choosing turquoise and pink as two colours to pretty up my blog. This theme was easy to use and customise, but I could only do so much. Partly due to lack of knowledge and partly due to laziness.

The thing I hated most was the black bar across the top and lack of font options. Today I have learnt that one of these things was easy to change. I just needed to install a font uploader plugin. Doh!

As you can see I have installed a new theme. I spent a little time finding one I liked and chose San Kloud as it is turquoise and cute! I have also done a little playing around adding some fonts now I know how to!

I know this is nothing groundbreaking and a ten year old child probably knows more about this stuff than me (scary but true!) But surely I cant be the only person out there who feels a little overwhelmed by all this blogging lark?

If someone (or in fact anyone ha!) reads this and it helps them out then that’s great. I kind of feel embarrassed of my lack of IT, grammar, photography skills. I left school with slightly above average GCSE results, then went to college but I did not purse higher education. Since college I basically have rotted my brain in dead-end retail mcjobs, including a 12 year stint at a high street opticians as an administrator.

But then I think to myself although I am now *cough*32*cough*, I am not to old to learn new skills and better myself. I still have many, many years of hard slog ahead of me before I retire. So I need to push myself.

Maybe one day I will put the URL of my blog on my CV. Maybe not. Sometimes I will have no enthusiasm to blog. Sometimes I will drone on about nothing in particular in far too much detail. Sometimes I will be mediocre. Someday my writing will improve (I hope) as practice makes perfect. And I know I will never be perfect, but that’s fine. I will just do the best I can and carry on learning, after all is’nt that what life is all about!

Edit 15/08/12 – I have now returned to using the Twenty Eleven theme as after updating to the new version of wordpress, I seen to have a few problems with my layout which were beyond my abilities to sort out.

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