I Did It!

I did it! I managed to cycle 35 miles!

It took two pieces of flapjack*, half a packet of jelly beans, one energy gel, three bottles of water and every swear word know to man, but me, the couch potato, did it!

And thats more or less ↑ what I put in my Facebook status last Sunday thanking everyone who sponsored me!IMG_20150628_135119

What I did not mention is that I was over taken time and time again by 70+ year old looking women, packs of MAMIL’s and one girl on a commuter bike, who I overheard later in the queue for the ladies telling her friend that she had not been on her bike this year, nor trained for the event!!!

Oh, and I had a minor crash into some railings at the end of a slope on a footbridge bruising my bottom in the process!

On the whole, it was not as bad as I expected. It was good to see so many other women take part in an event like this (I am still on the hunt for a cycling wifey female training partner!) And even better, after writing my last post on 15/06/15 saying that I would do it on my own, about a week before the event Rob was given the go ahead from the hospital to start doing some gentle road riding again! Hurrah, so I did not have to ride it solo!

Considering that I only rode up to 14 miles on my training, I felt OK and managed to keep pedalling right up until I hit the wall on the last 7 miles. Thankfully, an energy gel (yuck) and an increase in my rage levels all directed at poor Rob** kept me going and gave me enough strength to complete the course!

I am proud of myself for doing it and I have been really touched and humbled by peoples support, encouragement and generosity with their sponsorship. Thank you again to everyone who donated, it means a lot to me. You are all great!

Here are a couple of screen shots from our Strava accounts if you are interested in our times and stats etc. Mine had a bit of a technical error as you can see!
Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 11.24.57Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 11.25.34
We did it in just under 3 hours moving time and 3 hours 35mins in total with breaks and pit stops. I am rounding the miles up to 35 BTW!


*Not my usual healthy, banana-ery, coconut oil type of slice. A flapjack that was full of sugar and golden syrup.

**I was tired and grumpy, and he was telling me what to do, i.e keep going, so of course he got on my nerves!


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