I Attempted to Bake Some Bread

But it went completely Pete Tong!

Initially I was not going to bother blogging about this. But a week later I am still laughing to myself about it, so why not!

It started out promising. My dough rose nicely.doughBut when I left it to prove it started to worry me a tad. It did double in size, granted. But it grew outwards instead of upwards.ermAnd even hung over the edge of the baking tray. Oh dear!oh dearAt this point I should have given up and thrown it away like any sensible person would. But I thought I have come this far and maybe some sort of miracle would happen while it was baking in the oven, and I would end up with some delicious white bread.

Nope, did’nt happen.drop dead bread

I joked that it looked like some sort of weird prehistoric sea creature. Rob agreed with me. But I did not find it so funny when he said it!

Still we ate it. It lasted three days. It tasted OK.

Maybe next time I attempt a loaf of bread, it will be more photogenic! I just need to practice loads, and then get some more practice. It has taken me nearly two years to perfect my pizza dough (post coming soon) and I am still experimenting with a wholemeal version. Dough is a tricky beast to master!

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