Happy 3rd Birthday To My Blog!

Wow, who da thought it eh? Using My Loaf is three years old today!

Its been a good three years, and on the whole still I love blogging and blogs in general. Yeah, wider read blogs are changing with more sponsored content on them and all the rest, but if you look further there are still plenty of genuine blogs about peoples lives, interests and passions, all written in a well informed way, with beautiful photography.

And then theres mine!

Nah, I jest! I like my blog and I am happy with it. Proud of it even. My blog might not win any awards for layout and design (still waiting for my coding wiz OH to spruce it up) and I might not be the best writer, nor am I educated to university level, heck, not even grammar school level! But the main thing is that I try my best. Blog posts do take time and effort, and I take an average of 18 proof reads before I am happy that my posts are relatively readable and make any kind of sense. And then I still edit them again after publishing!

Its always amature hour on my blog eh! Sometimes I will read a brilliant post from another blogger and think why do I even bother? Even the comments readers leave on their post are so well written and intelligent, that I feel a right numnuts joining in with my little blurb with kisses on the end and bad punctuation!

But I think its the thought that counts when it comes to comments, they are nice to receive and this year I have vowed to up my game and leave more (even if mine do sound a bit divvy!)

Moving forward into my next year of blogging, I have a lot of ideas that I want to utilise on here. Maybe a few new features? More photos? More mid century? Who Knows?

Lets just see how things pan out. I might not have a schedule, target audience or want to make money and score freebies from blogging, but the one thing that I can promise is that things will always be real on here. I don’t write life changing stuff, nor do I get too controversial, opinionated, political, review stuff or write wise owl advice type posts on how you should be thinking and acting (who cares about my opinion anyway?).

Its just me and my life which is so average it hurts. I am cool with that though. I always joke about how no one reads my blog, but I like the fact that I have a small audience. I am actually quite a private person, who then shares stuff online (go figure?) I try to write about the best and most random stuff that makes me happy and hope to continue doing so for many more years!

3 thoughts on “Happy 3rd Birthday To My Blog!

  1. Happy blog birthday! I think I’ve been a reader and commenter here pretty much since the start, so here’s to many more!

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