Happy 1st Blog Birthday To Me!

Well, well, well, who would have thought of it, Using My Loaf is one year old today!

A year ago I decided to have a go at this blogging lark, with no real expectations of me sticking to it. I had long been an avid reader of other peoples blogs and wanted to see if I could to create one myself to keep a record of the updates we made to our house, as we were planning on installing a new kitchen (which has still not been shown on here – opps!)

If you have found me then well done, as I have not bothered to promote this blog at all. I have not even told my friends and family where to find it. I have just blogged for myself as a new hobby and a little creative outlet.

In my first year of blogging, it seems all I have mostly talked about is –

  • myself
  • the new kitchen
  • my bad photography
  • I live in a 1950’s house
  • I like mid century modern stuff
  • Rob
  • my cat
  • cake

Yep, pretty much a true representation of me and all I drone on about in real life………and think about too, but in reverse order!

On the plus side I feel my writing has improved. Yeah, I know my grammar leaves a lot to be desired and thank goodness for spell check. But this blog is something that I enjoy and is not hurting anyone (except maybe punctuation purists) so why not carry on?

When I started this blog I had not done any creative writing since school. At first I found it a real struggle to compose my posts. It took long time and many re-edits to try to a) structure my sentences properly, and b) to write a post that I was happy with. So while I am not a natural writer, writing has now become more natural to me……if that makes sense???

My goals for the next year are to keep improving the content and the pictures and just keep at it really (and show the kitchen on here!)

Anyway, thank you again for reading my blog.

Poppy says all the right things!



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