Glastonbury 2013 In Photos

Please note all pictures were taken by Rob (I could not be bothered to take my camera – yeah I know, what a shit blogger eh!) But the thoughts are all my own. This is not a sponsored post.steelThe campervan field was outside the main site. It was a 25 minute walk to get into the site, but so worth it. Campervan pass – very expensive. Not worrying about getting your tent slashed – priceless. bird shitPut a bird on it! Pyramid stage you are so 2010.raving granA raving gran. I love Glastonbury’s randomness!bezBez’s own night club. We did not go raving here, we always peak too soon with our drinking and cannot stay up past 1am. Plus we are old.tipiTipi’s. And flags.IMG_1022Dude from Enter Shikari (they were great BTW) pulling some shapes and a camera man.chicChic were one of my highlights. We danced and smiled all the way through their set. Well except for Rob who got told by a random stranger that he was not moving his hips enough.azeliaAzealia Banks looking fierce.flagsPretty flags by the other stage.spiderSome spider thing which has become a Glastonbury legend since we last went (a word to the wise – its a load of fuss over nothing. Its just a light display and a few acrobats and a few flames). Please note the humongous crowd. Nothing was happening here at this very moment. This is just how crowded it was everywhere all weekend. Every-blinking-where-all-blinking-weekend. Phew and relax now Helen.d jJ Mascis (yeah I googled how to spell it) or as I like to call him grungy father Christmas.dino jRob was well chuffed to see one of his faves Dinosaur Jr bless him. We have seen them before and they are always good live.flagsMoody flag shot of Foals.foalAnd another one for luck.IMG_1431Another arty shot by my official photographer. This was my favourite lidl flag. Giddit!billyWe both got to finally cross Smashing Pumpkins off our list of bands we want to see. I said on here that Rob saw them at Wembley back in the 90’s. Nope, I was wrong. It was one of our friends, not Rob. Silly me. Billy does great grumpy old man face BTW.rock onA fist punching rock moment.IMG_1509Romy from The XX. selfieAnd finally a selfie of me and my bestie (Stella).

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