Dreamy Crib Alert 3

While compiling my Design Classic post about the Cross blanket I revisited my post about Papa Bear Chairs to insert the link, and it made me remember just how amazing Rachel Griffiths’s mid century LA home is.

So amazing, that it deserves its very own post!

What I love about the house is that this is a mid century home thats not a shrine to the past. Its a home that has been bought up to date to accommodate her families needs, but yet still holds onto its original features. Like the fireplace, the large windows (although updated with modern glazing, Im sure) and the wooden panelling on the walls which has been painted white for a lighter, brighter look. Then filled with modern furnishings, all complimented with a few tasteful pieces of furniture from the homes original era (Papa Bear chairs! Bertoia chair! Eames unit!) and with a cheeky Ikea lampshade in the office thrown in for good measure!

Rachel Griffiths Im loving your work!exterior17french-doorsdramatic-rug-1garden-patio-areahome-office51living-areaLiving-room69open-plan-kitchen7white-and-pink-bedroom
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