BEDM 3 Day In The Life

Day 3Tell us about your typical day. Or maybe do a photo diary of what you are doing on the hour every hour for 12 hours. Or you could sum up what you did today.

At the moment I don’t really have a typical day, I wrote a blog post about why here, talking about how I currently have three part time jobs.

Right now no two days are quite the same. But please do not be fooled, my life is pretty dull and mundane. Most days are filled with work and chores. I am going to deviate slightly, by summarising 3 days this week, to show a better representation of my life right now. I apologise in advance if you fall asleep reading about my thrilling life.

6.30am Alarm goes off. I switch it off and dose until 7.30, choosing sleep rather than doing yesterdays washing up. Shower, breakfast, dress the usual.
9am Start work. Its a busy, full on morning. My boss checks with me if I can stay for the afternoon as a colleague has phoned in sick. I take the overtime, and agree to come back at three. This is a fairly common occurrence. I often take on overtime at short notice.
1pm Come home for a 2 hr lunch break (I love living so near to my work place). Make lunch for Rob and I, put a load in the washing machine, go up to the office and catch up on emails for my (2nd) job for Rob, plus read blogs, check Facebook and think about doing yesterdays washing up. Peg out washing on line, run out of time, then go back to work.
3pm – 5.30pm – Work. Its a bit quieter in the afternoon. Phew.
5.40pm – Back home, get washing in, make cuppa, drink in office checking Feedly, write BEDM blog post day 1.
7pm Go to kitchen, bake bread (still experimenting – still need practice), finally do yesterdays and today’s pile of washing up. By the time that is finished and because I had the overtime etc my plans for dinner are non existent. I normally shop for/defrost/plan what to cook in the afternoon.
8.30pm Still uninspired in the kitchen. I decide not to bother cooking and graze on some homemade falafel leftovers and homemade red pepper hummus with homemade bread (wow, that sounds really impressive! Believe me the reality is less so!) Rob has a tin of ravioli on toast.
9pm Sit down and watch telly in lounge, blog on laptop, go to bed at 11.30pm.

7.30am Drag my sorry ass out of bed. Shower, breakfast, dress etc.
9am Go to work. This is pre agreed overtime for the morning. Have a really rubbish morning, think to myself thank god I do not work all day every day at this place.
1am – 2pm Go home for lunch. Eat, drink tea. Catch up on blogs and Facebook. No time to do any work for Rob (2nd job), but I know I can sort that stuff tomorrow.
2pm – 6pm Work again. Its one of the worst days I have had at that place. Never mind we all have bad days.
6pm-7pm-ish Walk to supermarket. Read magazines but do not buy any. Buy food.
7pm – 11pm Cook, clean, kick back in the lounge and watch telly, blog, read blogs etc same as yesterday.

5.30am Alarm goes off (ouch). Shower, dress, eat.
7am Start work (3rd job). This job is easy, but dull.
10.20am Stop working. I am only paid for 3 hours. There was no overtime from this job this week.
10.35am – 12.15pm Get home from work (I also live really close to this job, its great!), sweep floors, wash up, bake bread (Im experimenting with 5 minute bread with mixed results). Phone area manager (for 3rd job) to chase her about emailing me over the forms to submit to head office about out of stock lines etc. Email over my hours on my time sheet for this week. Send a few chasing emails out for Rob’s company (2nd job), decide not to bother doing much today as most clients will not bother to respond due to the long weekend. Make an executive decision to go meet my mum and sister in town, before going to visit my Nan in hospital at 3pm (which I had planned to do), there is always Monday Tuesday to catch up. Self employment rocks!
12.15pm Walk into town.
1pm – 3pm Meet Mum, skin and blister and youngest nephew. Get some lunch, then Mum forces me to try on dresses for my sis’s upcoming wedding in Monsoon and Laura Ashley. This is my idea of hell. Even the lady in Monsoon gets involved telling me the dress is too big, and adjusting me and laughing at my (rainbow striped) socks. Feel a little ganged up on and hen pecked. I start to get the fear about looking for shoes. We do not find a dress I like.

Disclaimer these are not my skinny legs. Image from doll
Disclaimer these are not my skinny legs. Image from

3pm Sis has departed for the school run, Mum and I catch the bus to the hospital to visit Nan.
3.30pm – 4.45pm See Nan. After over a week of her being there Mum (and me) finally get to talk to a doctor about whats up. She is 91 and has Alzheimer’s as well as a few other things we found out today. She is fine, considering. Still don’t know when she will be discharged.
4.45pm – 6pm Dad picks us both up from hospital. We go to to the nearby super sized supermarket. I get excited because I finally get my hands on some rye flour.
6pm Dropped home. Unpack shopping.
6.15pm Our friend arrives in his van with a load of paving bricks he is giving us. Help him and Rob unload the van for 45mins.
7pm Sit down. Finish blogging this post.
7.25pm Hit publish. Then go downstairs to cook dinner. Thai green curry if anyone’s interested.

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