BEDN 8 – Day In The Life

Day 8We want to know what a day in your life is like. Take a photo every hour on the hour. Or write a description of your day. Or maybe make a video of your day?

Blimey I am tired. I nearly threw in the towel and skipped todays post. I have worked 12 days on the trot, plus am feeling a little under the weather. I think I may have caught Robs man flu he had last week. Boo.

Anyway enough woe me stuff, lets briefly describe my day. Its not very interesting to be honest. I went to work and to Ikea today!

I like to keep my Fridays free if possible. I am lucky that currently I only work part time (averaging around 24-32 hours per week with my 3 PT jobs not including OT) and like my last day in the life post, today I went shopping with my Mum.

I worked a quick 3 hour shift this morning, then came home and did around 1/2 hours accounting for Rob. (Note to self – I really must blog about what its like working 3 different roles. Short answer – challenging). Normally on a Friday I try to visit my Nan in her nursing home, and meet my Mum for lunch and a catch up, or sometimes we catch the bus to Bluewater or Tunbridge Wells for an afternoon out.

Today my parents wanted to go to the evil blue and yellow Swedish maze to purchase some new bedroom furniture, so I came along for the ride.

Dad drove us up to Thurrock after he finished work. As you can probably guess we got stuck in the tunnel traffic, then when we got there we could not find the entrance to it! At this point I remembered why Rob and I do not bother putting ourselves through all this stress to buy flat pack funiture!

We then ate a disappointing meal in the restaurant, then wound our way around the store following the arrows to find the bedroom section (thankfully the store was pretty empty, I can’t bear it when its heaving!) Mum and I then left Dad to order their bits and headed to the marketplace.

At this point I actually started to quite enjoy myself, it was nice to browse around at my own pace. I usually have to race around at lightning speed because Rob has had enough at this point! Today I had someone to admire paper napkins with and sniff the sented candles with! Mother shares the same enthusiasm for cheap kitchenware as I do, it was great!

Needless to say I bought a load of crap I don’t really need, like a pot plant I don’t know where to put, the wrong sized picture frame and a cute yellow napkin holder even though I never really use napkins.

I even Instagrammed the moment!ikea

And I made it out of Ikea unscathed with a jar of rollmops and a big bag of mini Diam bars. Success!

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