BEDN 7 – 10 Things

Day 7 – No subject prompt today. It’s all about lists. Make a list of 10 things.

When I first saw todays topic, initially I was scratching my head. 10 things? List anything? Thats far too much choice for an indecisive person like me!

Then boom! I thought 10 things, that sounds like 10 Things I Hate About You, one of my favourite films! So why not list 10 of my favourite films?

Here they are in no particular order –

10 Things I Hate About You
Mean Girls
Legally Blond
Romy and Michelles High School Reunion
Failure to Launch

At this point I started to run out of ideas, so I asked Rob “what films do I like?”
His reply was as helpful as ever “I dunno. Silly ones”

That statement says it all really! I used to love a good gangster film (your Godfathers, Scarface et al), but I have found the older I have got, the less inclined I am to watch anything violent. Man, I really am old and no rock and roll fun!

I do love a good chick flick. Plus anything involving Jonny Depp! I like my films to be feel good escapism, to make me laugh and give me warm fuzzies. I want my films to have a cute dog in them and no bloodshed please.

Right I need another four. Hmm…

Bridesmaids (maybe? Although I hate it when the friends get bitchy and fall out)

Ok that last film has a lot of violence in it, but its funny and I love how Ellen Page plays her character, so its an exception to my rule. Plus sometimes Rob and I want to watch a film together!

4 thoughts on “BEDN 7 – 10 Things

  1. I love 10 Things… SO much! (And I have a soft spot for crappy films like Failure To Launch). Super sounds good, anything with Ellen Page is a win as far as I’m concerned. Have you seen Whip It? It’s so good.

    1. Yes I love Whip It! Ellen Page is great in everything. 10 Things always takes me back to my teen years, my sis and I were like Kat and Bianca! Im the older sister BTW!

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