Cute Cat Snap and the Latest Goings On in the House of Hel


This is what the internet was made for. This photo had me rolling on the floor laughing or ROFL as the kids say! You just cant beat a cute photo of a cat sleeping to cheer you up!

Found on buzzfeed here.

In other news I am giving up on “Wicked” the book I am now halfway through. It is a wrench to quit it, and I think will be the first book I have given up on ever, or at least having made it this far into a book. But I don’t care about the characters or what happens and I am making up excuses not to read it. Its a shame because The Wizard of Oz was one of my favourite books as a kid.

I also really miss my cooker and keep seeing lots of lovely recipes I want to try. The kitchen will be delivered next Friday, and Ricky the plaster will be here on Saturday, we then need get a sparkie around to sort out the dodgy wiring issues and wire in the new oven connection. To cut a long story short its going to be a few weeks maybe April until I can cook again. I have a few things saved as “here’s one I made earlier” in drafts to post (once I can be bothered to type up the recipes!) to publish.

In the mean time I have borrowed my MIL’s 30+ year old spare microwave which she keeps in her garage for BBQ moments no less! And I had my first microwave readymeal in about seven years (I cook everything from scratch don’t-cha knows it!) Bleugh is all I can say!

I blogged a week ago about how I had a temporary kitchen set up on a camping table. Well I lied. We have not set up said area as we still had to sand the door frames down, so there was no point with the mess involved. So last week we ate at Greggs, Morrison’s cafe, Morrison’s salad bar, the pub, toast, Rob’s parents, Rob’s sisters place. I crave some broccoli – my poor waist line!

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