Cupcake Decorating Course Week 4

This was the final night of my course and these cakes were the most technically difficult and fiddly of all the cakes that we created! We were shown how to decorate four more cupcakes to become sunflowers, flowers, wolves and a scottie dog. Boy these were tricky! Piping is not my strongest point and I did struggle to ice these, especially the scottie dog and the sunflower cakes. If I am to be honest though, the biggest struggle I had was my own lack of patience in doing anything fiddly! Lets just say that I am not likely to start making cakepops anytime soon!

I am quite pleased with these for my first attempt. I think with a little bit more practice and with the correct equipment I could recreate these at home again.

Unfortunately on my way home my scottie dog‘s nose fell off! So the snout hair’s parting icing effect and his tongue that I lovingly made got ruined! I managed to stick it back on with a cocktail stick to show you. It was a shame because he looked so much better before! Anyways I don’t think Bakerella is quaking in her boots about me as competition!

I apologise for the quality of these pictures, it was a very dark February day! I have tried to enhance them the best I can on iPhoto!

Iced by moi!
after surgery!


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