Crimbo 2013 and a Restoration Project

This year Christmas seemed to come and go quicker than ever! We took our decorations down today, and before its all completely behind us and forgotten about, I want to do a quick memory dump type post on here all about this years festivities.

This year, for our meal, Rob and I went over to my Mum and Dad’s along with my sister and her family. One of the things that we were most looking forward to on the day was seeing my oldest nephew receive his present from us. He was really spoilt this year as Rob restored a bike for him! And he got a Nintendo DS from Father Christmas! What a lucky boy!

I think I mentioned on here, wayyy back in November, that Rob was making a right old mess upstairs and was treating our house like its a workshop/garage (yet again).
Well, it was for a good cause, as he was restoring a bike for my 6 year old nephew. So all is forgiven.

Rob spent every evening and weekend in the run up to Christmas working on his project. He put in a hell of a lot of man hours and spent quite a considerable amount of money on the new old bike (around £70 infact). But it was a labour of love, and he got as much enjoyment out of the tinkering on it as we hope the nephew will get out of riding it!
Plus, the youngest nephew will do too, when it gets passed on down to him!

Yes, it was a lot of money and effort, and we could have bought a brand new bike for the same amount. It was worth it because Rob reassures me that a brand new bike with the same spec would cost around £100 – £150.
Oh well, at least we have saved another bike from going to the landfill and done the greener option!

Here is a picture of the bike in its before state. The bike was given to Rob for free by his friend who’s 9 year old son had outgrown it. Said friend did plan on fixing it himself but never got round to it. He had a lucky b4 1

The bike had its fair share of rust on it and parts that needed repairing or replacing.rust 1rust 2rust 3rust 4

Rob dismantled it, cleaned away the grime and rust from the parts he could salvage, striped down the bodywork then resprayed it, fitted new tires, pedals, chain, saddle and handle bars and cut out vinyl stickers to his own design to give the bike a brand new look in the nephews favourite colour orange.dismantle meshiny spokessprayinmore sprayinspare bed spray boothprimedstickeredfront stickerswheels onta dah

Rob did an amazing job. He is such a perfectionist and has made it look like a completely different bike! My nephew was a little overwhelmed with his present (in a good way) and that was worth every moment of the house being abused and the spare bedroom being used as a spray booth and the choking on spray paint fumes.*

Other things that happened giftwise were as follows – I got Rob a Good Pub guidebook to keep inside the campervan, so that wherever we end up, we can always find a decent boozer serving decent ales! I also got him Mad Men season 6 which I cant wait to get stuck into.

In return, Rob got me Orla Keily’s new book Home, which I had been drooling over in my local Waterstones for some time (the staff had to literally wipe the slobber away from my chin and prize it away from my grubby mitts every time I looked at it**), its basically MCM interior porn and I love it! He also gave me a copy of Betty Crockers cookbook (I saw one come up at a sensible price on Ebay some time ago, and told Rob to order it for me for Xmas) which I equally love. Again, it is all my favourite things – vintage, tacky, mid century Americana kitchen kitsch and in my favourite colours of yellow, pink and turquoise! I also got some bargain Le Creuset bits, which I bought for myself in TK Maxx with £20 that I owed Rob. I told him that instead of me paying him back, here is my Xmas pressies from him! We are so romantic us two, eh!

*Don’t try this at home kids. Spraypaint stuff outside.
**Not really. Honest.

All photos taken by Rob

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