Christmas 2016

I know, I know – its more than a tad too early to mention the big C word (IMO there should be only 12 days of it, no scrap that, just 1 day of it, and it doesn’t start in August!) But don’t worry, this is not going to be one of my yearly traditional posts ranting about the music and the overblown commercialism etc. Because for once I am not working in a hellhole busy retail environment and this Xmas is going to be a very different one, as no big deal, but we are only blooming having a baby around that time!

I am officially due on 21/12/16, but we all know that no one ever arrives on their due date! I am really hoping that the kid is not born on Xmas day (or Xmas eve or Boxing day or New years day if I go overdue!) As that is such a rubbish birthday to have. So I am kind of hoping that I will be a week or two early so the poor little buggers is not too close to Xmas and gets overlooked!

I used to work with a lovely lady who was born on Xmas day. She hated it as she never really got to celebrate her birthday. She would wake up in the morning and her kids would wish her happy birthday, then she would have to work all day long cooking the whole family a huge Xmas dinner. Plus she always had her mother-in-law staying round. So it wasn’t much fun for her. (That’s how she told me, anyway. Bless her!)

One of Rob’s friends used to go out with a girl who was also born on Xmas day. She would always celebrate her half birthday in June, as her kind of slipped by because of all the other celebrations going on.

I saw this feature on Apartment Therapy the other day, its a interesting study on the frequency of birthdays and how common your birthday is. Plus I am bored stupid on the worlds longest ever maternity leave and I have too much time on my hands to over think these things!

I have tried not to get too excited and make loads of plans for the future. Because in the past I have learnt that its best not to think too far ahead and that the best laid plans never work out. I prefer to go with the flow and I have a wing it approach to life in general.

The only one thing that I have daydreamed about with the kid is making future birthday cakes for them (that and future family camping trips together in the van!) I am looking forward to the challenge of creating their special requests in the form of cake! But how will we manage to eat two blooming cakes at Xmas time? (Rob said that this will be no problem for him BTW!) And how will I manage to accommodate, please and entertain doting grandparents for joint B.days and Xmas so no one has their nose put out? We all know that I hate being the hostess with the mostess!!!

This will also be the first Xmas that we will not see our families. We have had Xmases on our own before, but we always visited the family before or after the main event. This year we will not be able to travel to the Isle of Wight or Kent. The funny thing is that everyone seems to be concerned about how we are going to be celebrating Xmas this year! My Mum is worried that we will not be able to have a Xmas meal (where as Rob is just pleased to be missing out on the dry turkey!) But as I said to everyone – celebrating Xmas is the last thing that we are worried about this year as we have other more important stuff to think of!

Plus it gives me the perfect excuse not to bother putting the decorations up this year! Although even Rob told me not to be such a Grinch on that one! But to me its another hassle that I could do with out with a new born in the house!

4 thoughts on “Christmas 2016

  1. My friend and her younger sister were both born on Christmas Day. Every year in their house Christmas ended at 6pm & the evening was their birthday. We would all go to their house that evening to celebrate with them. I always thought it was a good idea!
    You may as well do Christmas as low key as you like this year while you have no Santa and accompanying craziness 🙂

    That article is interesting, in our family birthdays and other events seem to be grouped together. I thought it was just a coincidence but maybe not!

    1. That is a good idea doing the birthdays after 6pm! I might have to pinch that one! We said that if he is born on Xmas day, we will prob do a little low key half birthday party in June so that he doesn’t miss out. B.days are a big deal when you are a kid! (Not when you get to my age, I would much rather forget about mine!) I said to Rob at least we can also do bigger joint and Xmas pressies like bikes and stuff, but he thought that it was a bit mean only giving one gift!

      Yeah, Im with you on making the most of no Santa and the craziness. My nephews go completely nuts at Xmas time (and halloween and their b.days!)

      Its funny how there are a lot of coincidences with birthdays isn’t it. I have two friends born on the same day two years apart. Me and my sister are both born on the 21st of the month (not the same month though, plus the kid is due on the 21st!) And my Mum and her sister share the same birthday. x

  2. One of my friends has a birthday on December 23rd and my step-mum’s is on December 28th and they both hate having birthdays so close to Christmas, so fingers crossed your little one comes early!

    1. I know, everyone who I speak to who has, or knows someone who has, a birthday very near Xmas hates it! Even my sister who’s is in January says its rubbish because no one has any money left by then or wants to go out. Poor kid, it was very bad timing on our part! x

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