Christmas 2014

Its that time of year again when Noddy Holder, George Michael and Elton John really start to get on your nerves.

Ok, to be fair their music gets on my nerves all year round. But right now if I hear Step into Christmas one more time, I might have to smash something or go and rock in a corner somewhere. Or do both.

Ah the joys of working in a busy retail environment!

As I have said before on here, me and Xmas have a tricky relationship. It is OK and all that, its just the consumerism, dictated traditions, excess and religious aspects that are not my thang.

Bah humbug! Anyway, thats enough of my moaning. Lets talk about the Xmassy stuff that I have embraced this year.

We put our decorations up this Sunday just gone, and I was brave (as I hate entertaining) and invited the family around for a pre-christmas buffet. I went all out and baked a ham, made mince pies, a quiche, coronation chicken (not coronation turkey, sorry!), mini pizzas, sandwiches and Xmas cake from scratch and then bought a couple of bumper packs of frozen buffet-processed junk-mini bite sized bits and some pre-made pigs in blankets.

I sound like the catering was easy and effortless, but the reality was a 6am trip to the supermarket for supplies and booze and two days of prep and panicking!

Everyone enjoyed themselves though and complimented me on the food, so I might do it again next year. Although I am slightly worried that I might have given everyone food poisoning as Rob said that eating the left overs the next day gave him terrible wind! Eek!

I am afraid there are no pictures of the food spread as I was too busy being the hostess with the mostess. Here is a picture of the ham taken by Rob to share on social media as you do. (Its the first ever one I have made and Robs favourite meat treat if that justifies the over share!)ham

Here are some pictures of our decorations in the lounge. We have gone for the kitschy minimal look if there is such a thing!
dear deerdark window picsideboarddeer herdxmas tree

We have a new white tree (only a tenner in B&M) and some new LED fairy lights (more expensive than I thought they would be, which are now half price – grr!) with all my retro kitschy baubles that I have been collecting and gifted over the years displayed on it.

If I am honest, I find it hard to get excited about putting the xmas decorations up in our house as I hate clutter and I much prefer my nik naks that I have on display all year round. To combat this lack of enthusiasm we have just put up a few of our favourites and I have pinned some pretty images with a much more sophisticated, modernist inspired Xmas look that I want to work towards emulating in our home in the the next few years.tree closer

Of course all my glittery deers and cat on a chaise lounge are sophisticated and tasteful!! Not tacky at all!

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